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Big Sky over the Port of Dover with Disney Magic and Oceana.
And zooming in on Disney Magic below....

Sea Pictures from DOVER: Featuring all the ships that come and go and work at the Port of Dover ..
... with some further coverage of the surrounding ports.

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Doug Bannister: Open Letter re Covid-19 Critical Supply from Port of Dover CEO 6968.
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P&O FERRIES 1100 staff laid off and Furloughed to HMG scheme , see 6909.
P&O Ferries secure vital flow of goods, medicines...see below, post 6901.
DFDS Coronavirus announcements below see post 6880 and 6885.

P&O Ferries present record breaking cheque to Dover 6874 below.
P&O Ferries - European Expansion 6867
Hurtigruten and the Port of Dover see 6857...see also pictures in 6856 and 6859.

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Post 2127
  Sea News, Dover
Very busy day along the seafront yesterday saturday with the annual rowing regatta taking place. Lots of races of varying sizes going to and fro. Weatherwise the first part of the day was beautifully sunny and fairly calm but a strong nasty breeze picked up which made it pretty difficult..especially coming back across the harbour from east to west. It sure emptied the beach of sunbathers. But those rowers are a hardy lot - lets hope they all had a wonderful day.
A very colourful event.

is that right Brian..well I never. We don't want the little beasts nibbling our ankles do we. No sir! Smiley
A double header of cruise liners in today...the Crystal Symphony and the Braemar.

Sunday, 28 June 2015 - 07:44
Post 2126
  brian, dover
paulb,they are vicious 3 legged things that hide in the heather and bite your ankles as you pass.....SmileySmileySmiley

Saturday, 27 June 2015 - 20:34
Post 2125
  Sea News, Dover
Some exhilarating pictures now from the Walmer Lifeboat Day.. which took place last weekend. Judging from the pictures it looks to have been a hugely exciting day with lots happening. Obviously it was a great demo by the Lifeboat crews and great camera work once again here by SARAH HEWES...that's Dover Lifeboat in the thick of the blistering action below. Many thanks Sarah, great to see the pictures.

Ah you're a rascal Brian so you are Smiley
Enjoy your stay up there Vic, keep looking in, always exciting pictures and news items coming through. Haggis is an acquired taste, so they say! Smiley ?
Great to see those angles Ed, exciting pictures from in and around the harbour. Certainly was a packed Port for sure on Tuesday as we can see in those pictures. Great stuff! Smiley
Big thanks once again to Sarah also for the ace Lifeboats pictures above.. Smiley

Saturday, 27 June 2015 - 05:58
Post 2124
  brian, dover
have you gone haggis hunting again vic...SmileySmiley

Friday, 26 June 2015 - 19:33
Post 2123
  Vicmatcham, Scotland
Thank y0u I am 900miles away but still love looking in at the photos

Friday, 26 June 2015 - 19:22
Post 2122
  Ed Connell, Dover
A packed port on Tuesday with all available berths occupied due to the MFL strike. Malo Seaways on CT2 with Saga Pearl II on CT1. Spirit of France, Nord Pas de Calais and Pride of Kent in ED6-9. Calais Seaways on Eastern Arm then shifting to ED2 and replaced by Pride of Canterbury which then bunkered from Coralwater. Elsebeth at the DCT. Photos taken from Delft Seaways on ED3.

Friday, 26 June 2015 - 14:15
Post 2121
  Ed Connell, Dover
Following on from Paul's photo of the Royal Princess, here is another brand new vessel of similar size transiting up the Dover Strait on Tuesday bound for Rotterdam from the Persian Gulf with a cargo of 300,000 tons of crude oil. This is the Chinese VLCC "Yuan Chun Hu." A VLCC is a Very Large Crude Carrier and is the standard size freighting tanker for moving crude oil around the globe.

Following on from the photo of Queen Galadriel the other day, here is another sail training vessel for young people operated by the Cirdan Trust. This is the "Faramir" entering Dover on Tuesday, passing astern of the "Calais Seaways" holding under the Knuckle.

Friday, 26 June 2015 - 12:02
Post 2120
  Sea News, Dover

Above we see the giant Royal Princess moving down the channel last night thursday. It was a bit late in fading light so the quality is not great, but thought it worth showing nevertheless.. look at the size of the beast in comparison to the nearby P&O ferry. Its a 140,000 tonner approx...a big one for sure. The liner was heading to Southampton.

Just to draw further attention to the important post below (1671) re the development of our own western docks which is moving us into the 21st century bigtime, here we are with another image showing 'the shape of things to come'. As mentioned see also the major post below...all the info is in that press release direct from DHB.

Friday, 26 June 2015 - 07:00
Post 2119
  Sea News, Dover

Port of Dover signs major contract for Dover Western Docks Revival project

Having committed itself to transforming the Western Docks with a new cargo terminal supported by an exciting waterfront development and potential marina, the Port of Dover has taken another major step forward following the signing of an agreement.

In its role, GRAHAM, a nationwide contractor with extensive marine construction experience,will work with the Port of Dover team as part of a Pre-Construction Agreement. The work will involve finalising the design and cost plans for the marine civil engineering works for the new development.

A successful outcome from the Pre-Construction Agreement should lead to an award of the principal construction contract with a view to commencing on site in early 2016, and opening the Western Docks cargo terminal in 2017.

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive of Port of Dover, said: “Dover Western Docks Revival is a key part of our vision to create the best port in the world for the benefit of our customers, the local community and the UK economy.

“Following today’s announcement, everybody in the town will be able to see that we are delivering on our promise to create 600 new quality jobs, and safeguard 140 existing port jobs, for Dover. I’m delighted to say that we have already signed a number of non-disclosure agreements with potential users of the cargo terminal and development partners.

“The team from GRAHAM has a strong reputation for collaborative working and this will give the opportunity for Kent companies to tender for as many parts of the project as they feel able to deliver. We will be holding a series of joint ‘meet the buyer’ events later in the year.

“Dover is currently seeing an unprecedented level of investment and it is great to see that there is now a shared vision to take the district forward for the benefit of its residents, businesses and visitors. The Port is committed to playing its part in making Dover a place to shout about and celebrate.”

GRAHAM delivers construction, asset management and project investment services to a diverse range of clients in the public and private sector. Employing more than 1,600 people and with a current turnover of more than £490m per year, GRAHAM is a privately owned company with a network of regional offices throughout the UK and Ireland.

Commenting on the contract, Malcolm Loader, Business Development Director– Portsat GRAHAM, said: “We are looking forward to working in collaboration with the Port of Dover team to develop the optimum design solutions for the infrastructure elements of the Dover Western Dock.

“This project gives us the opportunity to bring to the fore the experience we have gained from working on projects for numerous ports across the UK.

“It is our intention to work with the local supply chain to ensure we not only provide value to the Port of Dover, but also to create a lasting legacy for the community.”

Procured under EU Official Journal regulations over the last 11 months, the GRAHAM contract will focus on all the marine civil engineering design and construction costings, including the quays, pier walls and reclamation required to deliver this new piece of land within the port.

Nigel Bodell, Head of Port Development at the Port of Dover, said: “We have held a series of workshops with our customers and others in the fruit logistics industry. The reaction to our plans has been very positive, as we will be able to welcome larger vessels into Dover thanks to the construction of longer and deeper berths.

“Our ferry customers will also benefit, as we will free up space in the Eastern Docks to further improve facilities and increase lane capacity. This will help create a more efficient dedicated ferry terminal and increase the resilience of the Port in accommodating increased ferry traffic.”

In order to deliver the Dover Western Docks Revival project, which will have around 200 construction workers on site during its peak, the Port recognises the need for a robust transport management plan, and intends to bring as much of the construction materials in by sea as possible. Junction improvements on the A20, as approved by Highways England, are also being reviewed in order to ensure the optimum solution for both Port and town.

Work will commence on key enabling works on the Prince of Wales Pier, involving a reduction in its height. This means it will no longer be open to the public after the summer due to the construction works.

Mr Waggott added: “Whilst we acknowledge the closure of the pier will temporarily reduce the public provisions on the seafront, the commencement of construction works by GRAHAM represent a shared vision becoming reality and a big step towards a much more vibrant and interesting waterfront for us all to enjoy. We are creating a destination.”


That's the press release above there that Mike refers to in the post below. We carry all the DHB and Port info and there we are. Vic we had a different kind of busy week with all the news releases but normality will catch up with us soon. Huge thanks once again to all the parties sending us the information through, keeps all the readers informed in a big way. Huge thanks.

A few pictures for Vic as he is missing our normal routine.....
will catch up with everything eventually... famous last words.... Smiley

This is the Saga Sapphire departing yesterday evening in fine sunshine. Always a joy to see fine sunshine for sure especially when trying to photograph the ships. Below we have the Saga Pearl II from a day earlier...complete with dazzling double air display. No sunshine then. The Saga Sapphire also had an air display but it was up along the White Cliffs and a little outside our zooming range, but here we are with a couple of shots from the Saga Pearl event. Note the plane in the middle of the smoke in the second shot...wowser! must have blindsided the pilot for a moment as the smoke just gasped out fairly suddenly.PaulB.

Thursday, 25 June 2015 - 16:34
Post 2118
  Mike J., Dover

Finally confirmation on the DHB website of the closure of the Prince of Wales Pier.

Go to DHB Press Releases -
'Port of Dover signs major contract for Dover Western Docks Revival project'

In the last paragraph but one is confirmation that the Prince of Wales Pier will close at the end of the summer.

Progress for the harbour, but very sad news for the public with the loss of a superb walk.

Thursday, 25 June 2015 - 15:59
Post 2117
  Vicmatcham, River
Where are all the photos?Smiley

Thursday, 25 June 2015 - 13:21
Post 2116
  Sea News, Dover

DFDS makes an offer for part of the business of SCOP Seafrance

After taking the necessary time to consider the interests of all stakeholders, DFDS confirms that it filed an offer today to the administrators of SCOP Seafrance. If accepted, this offer is expected to result in 202 jobs for SCOP Seafrance employees.

It would also mean that DFDS would operate three vessels between Calais and Dover: one of the current ships on the route, plus the newly chartered vessels RODIN and BERLIOZ.

DFDS would thereafter employ 1,000 French staff, hereof 650 in Calais, and operate nine ships, including five under the French flag, on four routes from France.

Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS, commented:
"Given the overcapacity in the market, DFDS had originally planned to operate two ships on the route in order to adapt the capacity to the market situation. However, following our dialogue with various stakeholders, we have decided to make an offer for part of SCOP Seafrance, and thus attempt to save more than 200 jobs by operating three ships instead.

DFDS has been in the French ferry market for 15 years, and in recent years with ships under the French flag and with French crews. We are very pleased with the loyalty, skills and commitment of our crews, including the many former employees of Seafrance, and we are committed to continue developing a sustainable and long-term business in France that can benefit all of our employees, customers, and partners in the Calais region."

- ENDS –


Thursday, 25 June 2015 - 06:23
Post 2115
  Sea News, Dover
After the floodgates opened....

TRAFFIC: See the post below on the traffic management re-think.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 - 20:09
Post 2114
  Sea News, Dover

Industrial action in Port of Calais: local road traffic management update

Due to the on-going exceptional circumstances in the Port of Calais and following consultation with our partners, including Kent Police and Highways England, it has been agreed to temporarily suspend the new traffic management system. Operation Stack has been implemented on the M20 until the industrial action ceases and the backlog of freight traffic is cleared.

The traffic management system, introduced in April for an initial trial period, is designed to regulate the flow of traffic and reduce the impact of queuing traffic forming through Dover during busy periods. It is not designed to be utilised during times where Operation Stack is imposed, which is currently in place as a result of industrial action in France, affecting both Eurotunnel and the Port of Dover. The new road layout is not designed to hold vehicles for a prolonged period and having drivers stop and exit their vehicles poses a risk to all road users.

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive of the Port of Dover says:

“Following consultation with our partners, including Kent Police and Highways England, it has been agreed to temporarily suspend the traffic management system on safety grounds. Although we will collectively seek to improve the operational efficiency of the new traffic management system, at this time, the most important issue is the safety of people using the A20.”

Operation Stack (OS) is an emergency measure for use when travel to Europe is severely disrupted. OS seeks to keep traffic moving safety and smoothly for both Eurotunnel and the Port of Dover. Temporary suspension of traffic measures along the A20 has resulted in some local traffic congestion around the town of Dover. OS remains under continuous review by all partners.

New traffic management measures are seeking to find a long-term solution to address the impact of a growing economy and the effects that the resultant traffic is having on the Port's customers and the local community. Highways England is collecting data in order to reduce the impact of traffic queues forming through Dover on the A20 by assessing the long-term suitability of the current road layout. Until this incident, the new system has delivered a wide range of benefits which has directly improved local road networks for Dover businesses, Port users and the community alike.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015 - 16:44
Post 2113
  Sea News, Dover

Groupe Eurotunnel calls for rapid progress to resolve MyFerryLink situation

Given the constancy of the position held by the Competition and Markets Authority to prohibit MyFerryLink from access to the Port of Dover, as confirmed by its recent decision to appeal before the Supreme Court and its latest letters, Groupe Eurotunnel was obliged to announce the search for a new owner for its maritime business at the start of the year.

The SCOP SeaFrance, has shown an interest but has not, despite all its efforts, been able to raise the finance necessary.

The SCOP is unable to make an offer given its financial position, which has been exacerbated by a request from SNCF to reimburse €15 million.

Groupe Eurotunnel, not wanting to see three years hard work come to nothing, would like to set out the steps already taken and those that will follow:

• Following a rigorous process organised by PwC, in two phases, completed on 11 May 2015, Groupe Eurotunnel and its two subsidiaries Euro Transmanche and Euro Transmanche 3BE (owner respectively of the ferries Rodin and Berlioz) retained the offer from DFDS;

• Groupe Eurotunnel has accepted this offer based on two bareboat charters, which will begin from 2 July 2015, in consideration of the inalienability clause in relation to the ferries applied by the Paris Commercial Court. Each of Euro Transmanche and Euro Transmanche 3BE have the right to sell the vessels to DFDS which right can only be exercised subject to the agreement of the Paris Commercial Court, or when the inalienability period ends, in June 2017. If the right to sell is not exercised the bareboat charters will continue. Groupe Eurotunnel requested the Judicial Administrators to be able to receive the vessels as planned on 1 July 2015.

• As part of the SCOP assignment procedure launched by the Judicial Administrators, DFDS said they would make their personnel recovery proposals on Wednesday 24 June 2015

• Groupe Eurotunnel would like to retain the Nord-Pas-de-Calais within the Group and has made a request to both competition authorities to that end, which should preserve additional 100-130 jobs. As it is inconceivable that this request would be rejected, due to the small market share concerned, MyFerryLink would like to sign an operating contract with the New SCOP which is being formed.

During this difficult transitional phase, Groupe Eurotunnel is renewing its call to all the parties concerned to bring a new start to all of these activities during the coming week and thereby meeting staff and customer expectations.


Groupe Eurotunnel mentions in this latest news release above that they would like to retain the Nord pas de Calais vessel for future use. Yours truly saw her on sunday in Calais looking rather forlorn and forgotten at a generally unused you can see in the pictures here taken on sunday. Was surprised to see her rekindled and back in Dover yesterday, however she does not appear to be working as I write....although everything is very fluid right now. PB

See also the previous posts on the turmoil.
Saga Sapphire in Port today.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 - 05:54
Post 2112
  Sea News, Dover

Port of Calais Re-opens after period of Industrial Action @ 19.00rs

We are pleased to confirm that the Port of Calais has recently re-opened. All ferry services to and from Dover to Calais have resumed after a period of industrial action in France which commenced at 0350 BST on 23rd June.

Freight Traffic heading for the Port of Dover is advised to use the M20/A20 route and tourist traffic heading for the Port of Dover is advised to use the A2/M2 route.

Due to the volume of freight traffic, Operation Stack will remain in place on the M20 (holding freight traffic on the coast-bound carriageway of the M20). Non-freight traffic is being diverted onto the A20 from Junction 8(Hollingbourne) and rejoining the motorway at Junction 9 (Ashford West). The Port of Dover is liaising closely with Kent Police and Highways England.

The Port of Dover is continuing to review the latest developments and is liaising with ferry operators and all statutory authorities over what has clearly been a fluid situation in the Calais area.

All those seeking to cross the Channel continue to be advised to contact their chosen ferry operator for further information.

Ferry Operator Contacts

DFDS Seaways
Freight: +44 (0) 1304 874 001
Tourist: +44 (0) 871 230 0440
Twitter: @dfdsseaways

P&O Ferries
Freight: +44 (0) 1304 863 340
Tourist: +44 (0) 8716 64 64 64
Twitter: @POferriesupdate

Freight: +44 (0) 1304 828 423
Tourist: +44 (0) 844 248 2100
Twitter: @MyFerryLink


Tuesday, 23 June 2015 - 19:36
Post 2111
  Sea News, Dover

These pictures were taken sunday onboard the MYFerryLink Rodin...passions are running high. All on strike today. Flag at half mast above.
See the post below for the current PORT UPDATE. See also the DFDS SEAWAYS item also in the post below.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 - 11:22
Post 2110
  Sea News, Dover

Port of Calais Closed

Port of Calais Closed due to Industrial Action...LATEST @1500

Due to a period of industrial action in France commencing at 0350 BST on 23rd June, the Port of Calais continues to remain closed. All Ferry services to and from the Port of Dover to Calais remain affected, with DFDS Seaways running a shuttle service to Dunkerque.

Freight Traffic heading for the Port of Dover is advised to use the M20/A20 route and tourist traffic heading for the Port of Dover is advised to use the A2/M2 route.

Due to heavy freight traffic, Operation Stack is in place on the M20 (holding freight traffic on the coast-bound carriageway of the M20). Non-freight traffic is being diverted onto the A20 from Junction 8 (Hollingbourne) and rejoining the motorway at Junction 9 (Ashford West). The Port of Dover is liaising closely with Kent Police and Highways England.

The Port of Dover is continuing to review the latest developments and is liaising with ferry operators and all statutory authorities over what is clearly a fluid situation in the Calais area.

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive of the Port of Dover says:

“We are extremely conscious of the economic importance of the key trade and tourist route operated by ourselves, our sister ports in France and of course the Channel Tunnel. Our attention is currently focussed on mitigating the impact of the present situation to the very best of our ability.”

All those seeking to cross the channel continue to be advised to contact their chosen ferry operator for further information.

Please note that there may be delays to services when the Port of Calais re-opens.


Ferry Operator Contacts:

DFDS Seaways
Freight: +44 (0) 1304 874 001
Tourist: +44 (0) 871 230 0440
Twitter: @dfdsseaways

P&O Ferries
Freight: +44 (0) 1304 863 340
Tourist: +44 (0) 8716 64 64 64
Twitter: @POferriesupdate

Freight: +44 (0) 1304 828 423
Tourist: +44 (0) 844 248 2100
Twitter: @MyFerryLink


* * * * * * * *


DFDS’ offer for Channel ferries accepted by Eurotunnel

We have now received confirmation that Eurotunnel has accepted DFDS’ offer for the ferries Rodin and Berlioz.

From 2 July 2015, DFDS has entered into long-term bareboat charter agreements for the two ships. In addition, a put option agreement has been entered into that provides Eurotunnel with the right to require DFDS to purchase the ships. The put option agreement expires at the latest in mid-2017.

Eurotunnel can exercise the put option on terms agreed between the parties, including a price reduction equal to any charter payments made before an exercise of the put option.

In addition, the administrators of the SCOP-SeaFrance have launched a sales process of all or parts of the SCOP-SeaFrance and DFDS will constructively participate in this process. Neither the bareboat charter agreements, nor the put option agreement, entail changes to DFDS’ previously announced outlook for earnings in 2015.

- ENDS –

* * * * * * * * *



Preparatory works to start in July

DDS Demolition has been commissioned to demolish the Burlington House complex in Dover as a prelude to the £60m redevelopment of the St James’s retail and leisure scheme in the heart of Dover town centre. Preparatory works for the demolition of the 1970s tower block and associated buildings are due to start in July when Dover District Council takes possession of the site following a compulsory purchase.

East Kent based DDS Demolition are well versed in working in sensitive, live traffic environments and are currently working on the demolition of buildings in Dover’s Eastern Docks. Established in 1977, DDS has extensive experience in the demolition of tower and office blocks in towns and city centres.

Jay Preece, Operations Manager, DDS Demolition said: “We’re delighted to be working on this project. We’ll be working closely with Bond City and Dover District Council to ensure that we minimise disruption to the local community during the demolition.”

The multi-storey car park will be the first building to be demolished to create more space for the processing of materials from the demolition of Burlington House. Due to the proximity of Burlington House to Townwall Street and local services the building will be encapsulated with scaffolding to minimise the environmental impact and demolished floor-by-floor using a top-down method.

Waste streams will be processed on-site to minimise vehicle movements, with as much as possible recycled for use in the construction of the St James’s retail and leisure development. Waste leaving the site will be handled by local firm, TW Services, with the aim of achieving ‘Zero to Landfill’ through recycling and recovery.

Demolition of Burlington House is expected to be complete this winter so that construction of the main retail block on Townwall Street can start in early Spring 2016. Construction of the hotel and cinema will start this autumn.

Clive Lynton of developers, Bond City, said: “We’re delighted to be working with DDS Demolition to rid the town of its most unloved building, and to starting work on the construction of the new retail and leisure facilities that will revive Dover’s town centre.”

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader, Dover District Council, said: ““We know that everyone will be glad to see the back of Burlington House! It will restore the vista of Dover’s historic castle from this part of the town, and is highly symbolic of a new, positive future of growth and opportunity for Dover.”

Burlington House : Note climbers.. happier days or was there ever happier days.



Interesting pix there below Ed. Will be able to add a couple of French pictures to follow on from those in due course...
...but focusing on the latest news items for the moment. Also... Saga Pearl II in today. PaulB.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 - 06:50
Post 2109
  Ed Connell, Dover
Tall ship Queen Galadriel passing Dover this afternoon.

Quote: Queen Galadriel, a Baltic Trader was built in 1937 in Svenborg, Denmark and was originally named ‘Else’ after the Captain’s daughter. She traded as a cargo vessel around the coasts of Denmark and Norway, initially as a motor sailor but after 1956 under motor alone. In 1983, she was bought by The Cirdan Sailing Trust and went into service renamed ‘Queen Galadriel’ after a character in Tolkien’s ‘Lord of The Rings’.

Monday, 22 June 2015 - 22:30
Post 2108
  Ed Connell, Dover
French buoy tender Hauts de France attending to a buoy in Dunkerque West. The new LNG terminal nearing completion can be seen in the background.

Monday, 22 June 2015 - 13:30
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