Saturday, 16 January 2021
Sea Pictures from DOVER ....

Rising Bridge below :

You can see the new bridge rising towers above the Seasports Centre and the now renamed Dover Patrol Restaurant (formerly the Hythe Bay restaurant...we understand the ownership is still in the same hands). The new marina cuts across the seafront road into the old marina, hence the need for a bridge (a 'bascule' bridge, you might need to look that one up!). Traffic gets paused from time to time to accommodate the incoming/outgoing was paused at the time of shot as you can guess.... otherwise everybody would......

The advertising truck shown above is obviously touring the roads of a harassed Kent informing everyone about the need for new paperwork now that we have left the if we didnt know already. But like they say...every little helps...

Below we have a picture of the self-discharging bulk carrier Tertnes leaving the Port of Dover a few days ago. She had just self-delivered a considerable amount of aggregate to pier WD4 here at Dover... here we see her heading back to Norway and the Port of Eikefet...

Tertnes...the self discharging bulk carrier leaves the Port...

Dover Seafront below in the approaching fog.....

The Disney Magic finally moved away on Saturday from its position on the eastern arm Port of Dover. It moved off through the fog, but the situation cleared partially to allow us to capture the shot above...also in the picture, which shows the western entrance to the Port, is one of the Border Force patrol vessels, these vessels are on constant local patrol. The Disney Magic is expected to return after a 'channel run'... ( ...and she has!).

Reuters are reporting that...Trade flows between Britain and the European Union have remained low this week after many companies stockpiled goods in late 2020 to avoid having to cross the new customs border in the first week after Britain left the EU's orbit on Dec. 31. Despite the quieter period..."We are experiencing a high volume of vehicles being refused and delayed at the Ports of Calais, Dunkerque and Dover, due to incorrect paperwork being presented at check-in," DFDS said on Twitter.

The early morning ferry nearing France... can just about see the rolling hills ...

The spectacular sky above lasted for such a brief few-minute period a couple of days ago, afore long we were shrouded in drizzle and dark skies, skies that have barely lightened since.The Port isn't busy as of yet, the expected new year drama hasn't quite begun, but we wait with anticipation and concern to see how it will all play out post Brexit.

* *

A bit of a grim oul picture now of the departing Nederland Stream ( formerly Nederland Reefer) taken a couple of days ago. The grim nature of the beast however is in keeping with the grim times we find ourselves in yet again, with yet another Coronavirus lockdown. Although there hasn’t been a surge to the EU as of yet.. at the ferry end of things...the reefer cargo ships have been coming steadily and frequently to the Port of Dover over the past few days....

The Nederland Stream looking a little weatherbeaten as she departs the Port of Dover.

Extra picture added immediately below of our Media friends as January gets underway... we continue to witness/enjoy the frenzy of reporting from Dover...Waiting below to send in their reports from the mini pier mid harbour Dover, are a team from TV station France 24. Brexit and its consequences are still fascinating the world it seems.... all round though Dover so far remains quiet.

In the space of one hour midday on New Years Eve we saw four, yes four, media teams in the immediate hundred yards. There were many more too just out of vision reporting from hither and thither, every Dover vantage point seemingly used. They all had the .. ermm 'original' idea of reporting from weary Dover on our final day with the European Union. Dover however was eerily quiet...everyone giving it a miss for fear of holdups. There were no holdups as nobody turned up! ... except the media...and of course they were all very welcome....
(That's ITV News in shot 2, not sure who that is in shot 3)

* *

The Manor Endurance again... not the best quality this time but we couldn't resist the explosive sea...

The Manor Endurance in fine action approaching the Port of Dover.

Manor Endurance... an extra crop pic of this shot now added further below...

Manor Endurance...the windfarm support vessel, seen above approaching the Port of Dover recently, accompanied by some delightful wildlife... cormorants at a guess...

As mentioned... the picture below is a close up crop of the one above, detailing the birds a tad (cormorants !).

* *

TRAFFIC : The good news continues on the local traffic front...the town of Dover is clear and functioning. Much relief to all.
For the non-functioning scenario see pix below.

* *


- The A20 & Manston Airport are now clear of vehicles.
- Still significant numbers of Vehicles on the M20
- The Ferries and Eurotunnel are running an optimised timetable to help remove the back log
- Covid testing continues on the M20 and also in the Buffer zone at Port of Dover
- Lydden Hill race circuit (CT4 6RX) is also available for Testing for Vehicles below 7.5 Tonnes only (no HGV's)
- No Negative Covid Test within the last 72 hours= No Travel

Certainly looking more positive there.....that will cheer us all up in Dover.
Many thanks to MOTIS once again for the info...
...and a huge thanks to all those who are working hard to clear the backlog. Smiley

The Pride of Canterbury ferry heads to Calais early on Christmas Day...

Ferry heads for Calais in the early gloom of Christmas Day
The Port remained open and the ferries worked all through Christmas day to try and clear the backlog....
although having said that, this particular ferry doesn't look terribly packed...but it may just be the early light.

Motis News: Christmas Day latest....

The Traffic Situation in South East Kent is improving and definite progress is being made. However due to the sheer volume of Vehicles in the Backlog this will inevitably take some time to clear.

- A20 Main road through the Town of Dover is now Clear of traffic - This was a key point to resolving the issue as allows
Vehicles access to the port when they are released from Manston Airport / Operation Brock/Stack and traffic to be managed
- 800 Military Personnel were deployed last night to increase testing capability. This seems to have improved the situation.
- The Ferry Operators and Eurotunnel are running a robust timetable to deal with the back log (full credit to all for re-staffing on
Christmas day to clear the backlog).
- Whilst there is still some way to go, we believe that the process is now in a good position to manage the reduction of the
back log as quickly as possible.

- Note, No NEGATIVE Covid Test = No Travel, Please don't attempt travel to the port without one. Testing continues at
Manston Airport & on M20 (join queue at Junction 8).
- UK Government advises no vehicles to travel to Kent at the moment.

Many thanks to MOTIS for sending through the info above.

* *

Dover on Christmas Eve below...

Port of Dover Traffic Surge :

The great lunge towards the Port gates above...yes you are seeing it right, illegally from both sides of the carriageway the vehicles push to move forward. The picture above was taken at 07.53 on Christmas Eve morning, amid horrendous gridlock all around the town and increasing desperation.

Since then the overall situation has improved somewhat with the authorities working hard to restore some order.
The BBC are estimating that we are up to more than 6,000 trucks quite a backlog to clear....
and the Covid tests still apply.

* *

Dover: Truck drivers abandon their vehicles to demonstrate at the Port gates amid the chaos....

Frustrated truck drivers march towards the Port the weary wait goes on...

Latest: Port of Dover is re-opening slowly, but everyone travelling must have a valid Covid test. Mass testing has begun. Because of the testing it will take quite some time to clear the backlog...we now have up to 4,000 trucks waiting...waiting... Only EU nationals are allowed to travel we understand.

* *

Port of Dover: France and other EU countries have closed their borders to the UK for 48 hours. This is due to the new Coronavirus variant sweeping the southeast UK. No trucks will leave Dover but the inward operation is still running....but the issue is whether trucks bringing supplies inwards will want to come for fear of being trapped in the UK. There have been calls for an extension to the Brexit deadline due to the ongoing chaos.

Overnighting below..... trucks laid up for the night.

Sleeping Trucks Dover:
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps naively said yesterday there were 170 trucks queuing at Dover. That of course was inaccurate spin, we can see that many from our window here, the BBC more accurately estimate 900 trucks queuing (latest estimation 1500, now 3000 and growing).... we have sympathy for all those drivers stuck.

See also the OPEN LETTER from Port of Dover CEO
Doug Bannister further down page...

* *

Also the Port responds to funding shortfall....Note in particular paragraph 3 below re funding detail ....


Keeping the nation’s trade flowing should be a partnership effort. The Port of Dover has worked positively together with both UK and French partner agencies located in the port, to establish the requirements for maintaining a smooth flow rate of traffic through the port following Brexit under the special arrangements of the joint UK-France Le Touquet Treaty, which is an international agreement that governs the provision of juxtaposed border controls in Port of Dover.

Indeed, this work was presented to the UK Government a year ago, with the rationale for a specific project concerning the outbound border controls to be government funded. The port was encouraged to seek funding via the Port Infrastructure Fund to deliver it. This was based on the identified and agreed need for additional French passport control booths to compensate for slower transaction times and a reordering of controls within the port to enable any non-compliant traffic to have been detected before reaching the French control. It also catered for further EU immigration system changes in 2022.

The Government’s own border planning assumptions, as well as those of French counterparts, were predicated on that work and in good faith the port applied for £33 million of funding, but at the eleventh hour the Port has only been offered just one tenth of one per cent of what was needed. For the primary gateway handling unitised trade with the EU, to reach this conclusion so late in the piece undermines so much work by all parties in preparation for the end of the Transition Period.

The port wishes to reassure customers and our community that it will continue working hard to keep traffic flowing, having already shown its resilience by doing so throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic and more recently as businesses choose Dover in order to stockpile ahead of the end of the Transition Period. Dover will still provide the highest frequency, highest capacity and therefore ultimately the best supply chain resilience as the closest point to Britain's largest trading partner, but the lack of financial support will make a smoother transition more difficult. This should and still could be avoided as we continue to seek support from Government ......
but the clock is ticking.



The Disney Magic pictured above in the approaching gloom.
As you can see the weather was turning rough...the Disney Magic, a short time later, moved away from new pier WD4 above to a more secure footing on the eastern arm Port of Dover.


Border Force Vigilant returning to the Port of Dover through the mist.
The Border Force RIB following along behind towing a migrant dinghy....
Recent pictures....

The Spirit of France:
The picture above is actually one from the past, one from our own archives....yours truly was reminded of it when seeing it recently on Google. We're using it again today as the picture sums up the current weather situation quite very rough in the Channel..... but the ferries keep right on going...

Dover: Rising Sun dramatically encircling a ship early morning on the Dover Straits ...

Indian registered tanker Jag Lokesh waiting offshore recently for a crew change ...

Border Force Vigilant seen above returning to the Port of Dover in recent days...we believe the Border Force rib powering alongside contained some migrants as several incursions were reported on the day.

The Disney Magic resting tranquilly at new pier WD4 Port of Dover, the tranquility making a change from all the recent rough weather...while in the foreground the Harbour Patrol Boat meanders along keeping everything safe and secure... In the far distance you can just see the Vasco da Gama cruise ship heading for Portugal.


The Disney Wonder and the Disney Magic

If you quietly wish upon a star, hoping for even more wondrous magic in Dover,
...well you might just end up with two Disney's....

* *


Dover is the right choice for business and consumers now more than ever

The United Kingdom Major Ports Group (‘UKMPG’) has issued a ‘briefing paper’ intended to encourage businesses to transfer cargo away from the Short Straits, the UK’s most vital link to European markets.

The paper points out that the Short Straits, which includes ferry links between Dover and Calais, as well as the Channel Tunnel, has a 60% market share of ‘British-Continental EU trade’. The Short Straits has achieved this market share because it is the right choice for business. Indeed, the paper acknowledges that the routes businesses use today are the right ones and the reason businesses choose the Short Straits is simple; it offers the most time efficient, cost effective and resilient access to international markets, delivering an estimated £3 billion saving for British businesses and consumers compared to alternative routes.

Our own independent analysis (Oxera 2018) has previously suggested that it would cost around £2.7 billion to take just 20% of our existing traffic in order to pay for new ferries operating on longer and slower routes. Importantly, these new ferries do not exist today and need to be built. With shipyard capacities and construction lead times, delivering such a fleet of new ferries holds significant lead time.

The UKMPG paper suggests that other ports might have capacity to take up to 60% of Short Straits traffic now, but acknowledges that this requires both Government and trader support for this offer of ‘resilience’ to be possible. Exponentially, this suggests that the cost to businesses and ultimately the consumer could be up to around £8 billion.

For Port of Dover, when looking at the overall UK Trade Resilience we take a systemic view – across ports, vessels, capacities, frequencies, operating models and traffic management schemes. To focus only on port capacity is terribly one-dimensional.

The geographic advantage that Port of Dover holds with the UK’s largest trading partner means that a single vessel can complete up to five round voyages in a single day, making our ferries hugely productive assets. Further, our operating model delivers an average inbound dwell time at our port of just five minutes, providing unparalleled port efficiency.

Other operating models, for example containers and unaccompanied trailers may have inbound dwell times from several hours to even several days, adding inefficiency to the system-wide supply chains. For those routes with longer sea voyages, a single vessel may only make a single round voyage in a day – meaning to replicate the capacities and frequencies offered via Port of Dover would require five times as many vessels.

The UKMPG paper admits that a ‘short term’ constraint might be the availability of additional ferries to handle the trucks being encouraged to divert to other routes, whilst also citing wider capacity issues on the southern North Sea corridor.

The report is right to focus on resilience as we approach the end of the Transition Period, but what resilience do you have if you are sending traffic to ports where the ferries do not exist? Neither is that a quick fix. The market dynamic is important here. In fact, rather than investing in new ferries, operators at some of the alternative ports have actually been closing these longer routes with tonnage moving back to the short routes as that is what the market wants – Dover has of course kept going throughout the pandemic. This dynamic applies to the European side too, with the majority of freight vehicles choosing to route through northern France to Calais and Dunkirk as it is simply closest.

All EU-facing UK ports will be under the same rules – there will be a standard process and transaction applied everywhere. We know from examples elsewhere, such as ‘Operation Wellington’ on the Humber, which anticipates using parts of the M62 and M180 as holding areas for HGVs, that if there is disruption it will be everywhere. The report itself admits that there is already a risk of disruption at these alternative ports due to new systems for HGVs. Therefore, on top of this, sending more traffic to ports that do not even have the ferry capacity will make the situation far worse and create far less resilience for UK trade.

In contrast, the traffic management regimes for the Short Straits are tested and proven – in short, we know they work. For example, the recent national security operation that affected all ports with additional screening and searches left around 4,500 lorries in Operation Stack. When the security operation ended, Dover had cleared all queuing traffic and was back to normal operations within just 12 hours. Nowhere else could do that. It would take weeks with the current vessel capacities and frequencies available elsewhere. For UK trade resilience, supply chains must have the confidence in managing periods of disruption, and crucially recovery and restoration of normal flows as swiftly as possible – both areas in which Port of Dover has excellent credentials.

As we all navigate the massive economic difficulties caused by COVID, and the uncertainties as we approach the End of Transition, it is right to showcase the incredible efforts of the maritime sector, and the excellent ports that we have across the nation towards ensuring supply chains are robust and functioning well.

Come what may, we will keep working to keep the nation supplied with the essential goods people need at this difficult time and give all businesses wherever they are the benefits of Dover’s unrivalled service. This is what we do all day, every day.

Indeed, as the Maritime Minister said on a panel discussion with us only the other day regarding the national trade network; ‘you have to have goods and people moving around freely. So if you are to have parts moving quickly and efficiently across the Channel, and through Dover, and through the country, you have a much easier opportunity for companies that might exist in the Midlands or in the North to get involved in whatever that industry is.’

The report says that the UK has not always been reliant on the Short Straits, harking back to pre-Single Market days. Equally, the UK has not always been reliant on the internet and same day/next day/just-in-time deliveries, but it is now.

A vision that takes the UK backwards is not the vision of the future we want to see. We need one that backs consumers and businesses everywhere for the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. We feel that we should celebrate our impressive, modern and efficient supply chains across all ports and modes throughout the nation.

For Dover, we fully appreciate the essential role that we conduct for the nation, and will continue to take our responsibility with all of the due care and attention the British people would expect of us, which is why Dover will remain the clear market choice.

Doug Bannister, CEO Port of Dover.

* *

Sea Pictures from DOVER ....

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Post 6856
  Nike J., Dover

Friday marked marked the 33rd.Anniversary of the loss of the ferry HERALD OF FREE ENTERRISE when she capsized shortly after leaving Zeebrugge with the loss of 188 lives.

A very sad day & one that caused major changes & safety improvements in the ferry industry.

A day never to be forgotten.

* *

Arrival of the Hurtigruten expedition ship FRIDTJOF NANSEN on Friday morning from Portrsmouth.
She is ice-strengthened & has 'hybrid' power with propulsion both by diesel battery-electric power & is an 'eco-ship' with a much reduced carbon footprint. When she is in regular service she will operate mostly in Arctic and Antarctic waters.

The sun was in the wrong place for her 0800 arrival.

The light had improved considerably by 1700 when seen from Citadel Road.
She sailed for Tilbury at 2200.


Fred Olsen's BRAEMAR , a frequent visitor to Dover in the past, was reported on 29/2 as having been have refused permission to enter La Romana in the Dominican Republic after a number of passegers were reported with 'flu-like symptoms' & has joined other unfortunate cruise ships in 'seagoing isolation'

Saturday, 7 March 2020 - 03:56
Post 6855
  Sea News, Dover
Truly fascinating post below Mark. Hope you have a great time on the ship - bet you will. The ship looks amazing...will have pictures going up in the morning.
Shake off that lurgy...


Friday, 6 March 2020 - 16:00
Post 6854
  Mark Rushton, Northants
Your spies may have noted an unusual visitor to the Cruise Terminal today. Hurtigruten's brand new expedition ship Fridtjof Nansen is visiting the UK for a couple of weeks before she starts her normal duties in the Arctic and Antarctic. She's a genuine hybrid vessel with a substantial battery pack to supplement her diesel engines. Joining her myself in Portsmouth in a week and a half (lurgy permitting) for a quick shimmy down to the Channel Islands and back through the channel to Ostend before finishing at Tower Bridge 5 days later. Visiting Ostend is going to be distinctly weird after all these years since RMT stopped operating. If you google Nansen and Webcam you'll be treated to a live view of a beautiful sunny day in Dover Harbour (as of 10.40 am at any rate). She's off to Tilbury this evening to start a short round of taster cruises.

Friday, 6 March 2020 - 10:48
Post 6853
  Sea News, Dover
Following along from yesterdays 'springlike' picture which ultimately we see the scene a couple of hours later...the rain is on its way and boy was it a wet one...the global warming goes on as evidenced by our eternal 'blade runner rain'.
One of the P&O Prides gliding gently out through the western gateway above there..before the rain.

Dredger David Church and the Harbour Patrol Boat...working in harmony around the buoys on wednesday..


Friday, 6 March 2020 - 07:14
Post 6852
  Sea News, Dover
That was the scene above at 08:50 yesterday morning wednesday. For a fleeting moment it looked like Spring had arrived... a chap in such circumstances, could almost be tempted to rush off for his sunglasses and not-so-elegant shorts...but alas alas the nice prospect didn't last. We were back to grim grey damp conditions a short while later...

On Tuesday the patrol boat guys were examining the flashing marker buoys and here they are below, the second pic a crop of the first...hopefully to show more...

Just came across this one in the files...long forgotten. Shows the harbour patrol boat once again, this time at full pelt... a few years ago this one....

Nice Ramsgate collection below from Mike...good to see thoseSmiley


Thursday, 5 March 2020 - 06:38
Post 6851
  Mike J., Dover

Ramsgate on Tuesday found the weatherbeaten 53-year tug EMS DEFENDER who had arrived from Lowestoft on 28/2.

Built in Scotland as the ST.MARGARET she is now operated by marine contractors Eastern Marine Services of Lowestoft who have a large fleet of assorted vessels & an interesting website.

The lifeboat on the Commercial Quay is the 'Mersey' class LADY OF HILBRE, part of the RNLI reserve fleet, stored ashore to reduce corrosion of her aluminium hull.
See also Sarah's post 4931.

P270 HMS BITER, patrol & training vessel.

f/v STELLA MARIS, Dover-registered, but Ramsgate-based.

Thursday, 5 March 2020 - 01:47
Post 6850
  Sea News, Dover
its a bit quiet at the moment but it gives us a chance to follow along from yesterday's pictures and catch up with another couple of shots of....
Hunter and the Lifeboat

Dover Lifeboat and Border Force Hunter returning to base in the low evening sun...

Just caught Alert (Trinity House) leaving the Port through the eastern exit...the camera just caught her at the last minute, in between ferries doing their thing.

All pictures Monday.


Wednesday, 4 March 2020 - 07:32
Post 6849
  Sea News, Dover
Just following along from Mike there I noticed the Lifeboat at the last minute yesterday evening just as she pulled away from the new 'arm' where she had briefly paused for some reason. But by the time I grabbed the camera she had begun to move away and was heading back towards base. Right at that moment Border Force Hunter came into view...and here they are...
Time of picture Monday 16.27

And now the other opposed to the (THV) one currently at the top of page. This time Border Force Alert. A couple of days ago she was doing some manoeuvrings in the harbour... right in front of the 'observation tower'...
always the best place to do manoeuvrings !..Smiley

Border Force Alert

Good timing below MikeSmiley


Tuesday, 3 March 2020 - 06:38
Post 6848
  Mike J., Dover

Late Monday afternoon I arrived at St.Martin's Battery to find the lifeboat coming alongside in VERY nice light.

I could see few cars at the boathouse & not much sign of a full crew on deck.
AIS later showed that 17-09 was returning from a very short 'sortie' off the port.
Engine trials perhaps ?

Lucky timing - had I arrived a minute later I would have missed the shots !

Tuesday, 3 March 2020 - 05:05
Post 6847
  Sea News, Dover
A couple of pictures of the ferries 'enjoying' the rough weather.
Top pic shows the Dover Seaways on Saturday approaching the Port of Dover in the strong wind as supplied by Storm Jorge...
and below..
the Spirit of Britain having just left the Port here and setting out for a rough one to Calais.

The wreath above there was whipped from elsewhere by the bracing wind and nicely and strategically placed against the seafront railings...

The rain powers down on the 'observation tower' roof as I write, with some force, heavens...when will it end??Smiley


Monday, 2 March 2020 - 07:03
Post 6846
  Sea News, Dover
We are back in very windy conditions once again as Storm Jorge gives the nation a bashing. The picture above shows the lighthouse on the Breakwater here in Dover taking its regular inundation.... always makes for spectacular pictures however... well most of the time!

And now the Lifeboat...following along from Mike's excellent up-close pictures in the previous post, a continuation, as just a few minutes later on Friday morning here we see the Lifeboat again but this time out there in the very rough seas...just a couple of minutes after Mike's shots.

Conditions visibility etc etc very poor so the pic isn't the best quality...

Great pictures below Mike...enjoyably right on the spotSmiley


Sunday, 1 March 2020 - 06:10
Post 6845
  Mike J., Dover

Friday morning while crossing the swingbridge I spotted the crew boarding the lifeboat & a few minutes later CITY OF LONDON 2 sailed.

Three hours later she was back alongside & AIS showed that she had been out in the southwest lane, northeast of the Varne lightvessel.

As we get our third weekend storm in a row I see that the German tug WULF 7 [post 5521] has joined the DHB tugs in the Tug Haven.
Refit replacement ?

THV ALERT remains alongside the DAVID CHURCH

Saturday, 29 February 2020 - 09:41
Post 6844
  Sea News, Dover
Chemical tanker and familiar friend Duzgit Harmony has been busy in the harbour in recent days, on bunkering duties with P&O...
Some pix to enjoy..

Duzgit Harmony:

Pictures above there taken at various stages on Thursday, the last shot while the vessel was over at 'the grain pier' WD4.

Mike, in his recent post, got a picture of 'new boat on the scene' Dover Grafter and here she is again...picture taken in the wider harbour on Thursday morning around 8am..
Riley Marine's Dover Grafter.

Storm Jorge is a-comin' .. keep yer head down... Smiley Smiley


Saturday, 29 February 2020 - 06:39
Post 6843
  Sea News, Dover
Ocean Osprey:

A few long range pictures today. The shot above shows offshore supply vessel Ocean Osprey a long way out there on a recent grey morning....picture taken through the gloom a few days back.

Here's one from the past below of same vessel...just came across this in the file while uploading and its worth another look. It certainly has more colour. Ocean Osprey and the Varne Lightship.
Ocean Osprey

Mike mentioned Galatea a couple of days ago...and here she be...
alas alas the quality is poor on these ones, the second one is very long range once again showing the Varne Lightship. Note the guys on the pier in the foreground of first pic... gives a perspective of sorts..
Earlier THV Galatea appeared to be carrying out work/maintenance at the aforementioned Lightship.

Just to cheer us all up with a bit of colour
here is bunker supply vessel Whitdawn a few days ago approaching one of the P&O Spirits......
Whitdawn at dawn on dazzling day...( or near as dammit to dawn) Smiley

See also Mike's interesting inshore collection below....enjoyable stuff! Smiley


Friday, 28 February 2020 - 06:12
Post 6842
  Mike J., Dover
A few more ALERTs & odds & ends from Wednesday.

The SIKINOS didn't stay alongside the DUZGIT HARMONY very long & returned to Rotterdam early Thursday morning.


The SIKINOS was replaced by the SCOT MUNCHEN who arrived from Rotterdam early Thuesday evening & is now alongside DUZGIT on WD5.

Before the MUNCHEN arrived the DUZGIT's AIS tracks show her on WD4 before making several visits to Eastern Docks to bunker P&O as well as hanging about in the bay waiting for her next customer.

A distant view of Dover marine contractor Riley Marine's latest workboat DOVER GRAFTER entering the Wick.

Only in the fleet for a couple of weeks she has yet to receive Riley's blue & yellow paintjob [post 6420]

The SANTA HELENA 1 sailed for the Spanish port of Pasajes late afternoon Thursday.
She's not showing on 'Marine Traffic' but can be seen on 'Vesselfinder'

Friday, 28 February 2020 - 03:06
Post 6841
  Sea News, Dover

It's Tug Doughty doing a Scarlet Lady gesture spray in the pic above, under a weird sky. She is 30 metres from the bow of the Scarlet Lady there ...time 5PM Sunday... the other tug was at the rear of ship but somewhat lost across the port for camera purposes. As many will know... the tugs will do this as the ship is leaving but Scarlet Lady didn't move until 11pm (6837).

The dynamic sky again below, this time looking eastwards, taken at the same time as top shot one of the Spirits enters port.

On to a grey oul Monday now and we just catch Atlantic Reefer with pilot alongside as she heads for Vlissingen... more pix further below of her arriving here in Dover in 6839....

A nice collection and very useful info below from Mike our 'inshore correspondent' .. don't miss those pix. Smiley


Thursday, 27 February 2020 - 06:21
Post 6840
  Mike J., Dover

Excellent fireworks pix by PB.
The SCARLET LADY has now left Liverpool & is in the Irish Sea, due in New York on 7th.March.

Wednesday visitors -

Cypriot coaster SANTA HELENA 1 came in on Monday evening for shelter & was still alongside CT1.

Sleek motor yacht/gin palace [delete as appropriate] ALBORADA came in several days ago from the Solent bound for Antwerp for shipping to the US of A & remained alongside in the Tidal Basin.

Old friend bunker tanker DUZGIT HARMONY came in from Dieppe early on Wednesday & laid alongside WD5 & was joined during the here & is now berthed alongside the DUZGIT HARMONY, doing a fuel transfer.
It looks as though DH will be working here as bunker tanker [probably for P&O] for a while.

THV ALERT came in late afternoon to moor alongside the DAVID CHURCH, passing the stern of the DUZGIT HARMONY as she entered ghe Wick Channel.

THV GALATEA [POST 4481] was off the port during Wednesday morning & is spending the night anchored off Deal

Thursday, 27 February 2020 - 04:01
Post 6839
  Sea News, Dover
Atlantic Reefer

It is with some reluctance that yours truly leaves the glam pizzazz and excitement behind of the Scarlet Lady and her fireworks, but here we go, returning to the daily grind with renewed vigour as we see above the approaching Atlantic Reefer. Pictures taken on Sunday...she was in Port at the same time as the glam ship but understandably overlooked. But here we are making up for it now...

Great stuff Patrick... glad you enjoyed all that..Smiley


Wednesday, 26 February 2020 - 07:24
Post 6838
  Patrick, Marine Parade
Great set of pictures from Mike J and Paul.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 - 11:38
Post 6837
  Sea News, Dover

The Scarlet Lady Fireworks:

A couple of pictures above there from the Sunday display. Another great display...although as mentioned previously it went off at 6.15 instead of the scheduled 6.30 slot...catching many people out. You can see the traffic in the picture below...a much bigger crowd on sunday...more a kid friendly hour I guess...lots of kids but many still stuck in cars when the thing went off. Too many cars overloaded the seafront parking. A very popular event for sure...

The Scarlet Lady didn't leave the Cruise Terminal until 22.50 approx. and then gently came across the harbour leaving by the eastern exit at 23.00 hours (11pm)...the pictures below...

The Scarlet Lady leaving the Port of Dover.

Thanks for that info in the post below MikeSmiley

PS: Scroll down for more Scarlet Lady pictures below...also more Fireworks (from Friday) 6831


Tuesday, 25 February 2020 - 06:09
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