Monday, 28 September 2020

The Shape of Things to Come....

Trucks to the left of us...trucks to the right of us...into the Valley of Dover drove the 7,000 ..

DFDS and the Dover7 sunrise.

Sea Pictures from DOVER ....

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Post 1316
  ColetteB, Dover

Great to see that positive press release below re the Port's investment & especially good to see that the Government has mentioned Dover as being one of the key investment schemes Smiley Smiley Smiley

Just saw that the Saga Sapphire was in on Sunday, didn't have that on my cruise list but it reminds me that this coming Monday 8th December the AIDASol is due in at CT2 for a PoC which is of course the last one this year, well according to my list it is Smiley

That was a smashing Sunrise photo in post 1235, wish I could see that first thing in the morning. Maybe, just maybe, I might take a very early morning ferry trip to bag some of HMRC's amazing allowances of alcohol & hope for a view like that Smiley

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 - 20:29
Post 1315
  Sea News, Dover
Press Release issued late monday December 1st ...

Port’s investment will help unlock Britain’s economic potential Smiley

The Port of Dover is delighted that its scheme to enhance junctions on the A20 in Dover has today been highlighted as one of the key investment schemes by the Government in unlocking Britain’s economic potential.

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive, Port of Dover, said:

“Today’s Government announcement is a clear vote of confidence in how the Port of Dover is investing in the future success of the nation and, according to Transport Secretary, Patrick Mcloughlin, how we are helping to unlock Britain’s economic potential. The A20 junction enhancements, commencing in 2015, are just one part of the Port’s commitment to major investment through Dover Western Docks Revival, one of the biggest projects in the South East.

“With record levels of roll-on roll-off freight traffic being achieved this year, the Port’s role as the gateway to Europe is vital in ensuring the UK can prosper and grow following several years of economic challenge. We are delivering for Britain by fulfilling our potential and our commitment to providing world class infrastructure.”

The announcement is also a positive affirmation of the role the Port is strongly playing in acting as a catalyst for major urban regeneration, supporting new homes and jobs.

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of Dover District Council, said:

“We have been given a real boost of confidence in not only how the Port of Dover is recognised as a world class port with a major investment story to support a national growing and dynamic business, but also how it is enabling the regeneration and growth of a community. Together with the Port, we are putting Dover on the map as the place to be, the place to invest in for the future.”


Pictures above L to R: Tim Waggott and Paul Watkins.
Departure of the Nederland Reefer yesterday Monday about a quarter to midday in grey gloomy don't need me to tell you how dourly grey it is at the moment...but the Port is as busy as ever. Roll on Roll off Rock on...

The allowances from HMRC below are amazing...90 Litres of Wine, 110 Litres of all the rest. Wowser!! You can get the annual stock in one fell swoop.
Worth popping over on a ferry.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 - 07:57
Post 1314
  Sea News, Dover

Christmas Shopping through from HMRC Smiley

We know many people like to go abroad at this time to buy their Christmas gifts, or buy online from non-EU countries, and think that the ‘cheaper’ price they see is always the price they finally pay. We want to remind everyone how much they can actually bring back from abroad or buy from an online overseas seller without having to pay customs duty or import VAT.

Shoppers must always be cautious with websites that say they will undervalue your goods so you won’t pay VAT or offer famous ‘brand’ names at very low prices. HMRC knows about these sites and people who think they’ve found a bargain may actually end up paying more or having goods seized.

If you are thinking of going across the Channel to replenish beers, wines, spirits or tobacco products, there are no limits on the amounts of duty and tax paid goods you can bring back personally from another EU country, as long as they are for your own use. You may, however, be asked questions at the UK border if you have more than:

110 litres of beer,
90 litres of wine,
10 litres of spirits
20 litres of fortified wines,
800 cigarettes,
200 cigars,
400 cigarillos or
1kg of tobacco

You may need to establish that these quantities are genuinely for your own use. "

* *

The above is just a section of the HMRC regulations. If you are coming to the UK from OUTSIDE the EU the limits are much much different...much more stringent ie...a heck of a lot less is allowable.

Yesterday Sunday yours truly was surprised to see the cruise ship Saga Sapphire here. When the ongoing fog became a tad thinner there she was.. didn't see her arrive. Tried a weak picture just for recording purposes and here we are...

The picture above is a wee bit forced as visibility was much worse than appears above, so on some devices it might show up as very grainy...on the READ system for example. The ship had arrived from Spain we understand and around 6.30pm last night she left heading north to the much cooler Rotterdam. Visibility was better on departure but of course it was dark. We do have many pictures of the ship in previous pages. Quite a surprise to see the ship here, I thought I was hallucinating through the fog for a moment! PaulB.

Monday, 1 December 2014 - 08:01
Post 1313
  Sea News, Dover
The early ferry seen here through the heavy laden early morning gloom, but this foggy gloom is about to be dispersed by a gloriously spectacular rising sun. We can just make out that it is a DFDS ferry...possibly the Dunkerque Seaways or ermm perhaps on reflection the Calais Seaways but not entirely certain. This is one amazingly colourful crossing for the passengers onboard the ferry. Very pleasant indeed. Dover is a terrific place to see these great sunrises. Any of our readers from further afield would enjoy a visit to see these spectaculars which are marvellous this time of year. There are two very nice hotels along Dover Seafront with views of same...the Dover Marina and the Premier Inn. We are always worth a visit here in Dover.

Sunday, 30 November 2014 - 06:45
Post 1312
  Sea News, Dover
Some of the Russian fleet moved down the Channel on friday....but unfortunately we have no pictures due to the poor visibility. There were some frenzied reports on those well-known global websites, ( just as frenzied as all that Black Friday shopping shown on TV last night! ) but essentially all the vessels did was go down the channel just like many others disruption to normal channel services or anything of that nature

Fortunately there was a more sensible report in The Guardian who quoted this website..

"MOSCOW, November 28 (Sputnik) –

"Today, a squadron of ships and support vessels from the Northern Fleet … have passed the narrowest part of the English Channel in the Strait of Dover and have entered a bay near the mouth of the River Seine," the press service said.
Because of poor weather conditions, the ships decided to wait out a storm in the neutral waters off the bay.

There you are. Beautiful down there in the bay of the Seine circled as it is by Le Havre, Honfleur, and Deauville.

We do however have some misty pictures of the bulk carrier called Tahiti One which was anchored just 'off the point' for most of the day yesterday Friday. Why it stayed there we don't know but one of the tugboats visited at least once as you can see here.

Saturday, 29 November 2014 - 07:54
Post 1311
  Sea News, Dover

The Border Force just off Dover late thursday. A small craft approached with darkly clad figures, all very James Bondish for sure. Heaven knows what they were press releases on this one! But the Border Force vessel Searcher as seen.. had been prowling around prior to the arrival of the men in black.

Well done with those pix below Mike.
It's a bit quieter these days in and around the harbour which is only to be expected I guess. The Ferries will be busy though coming up to Christmas with all the great deals on offer and with all those delightful continental Christmas markets. See the listed posts at the tip top of our page. PB.

Friday, 28 November 2014 - 07:36
Post 1310
  Mike J., Dover
Spring tides found not very much water in the harbour on Thursday morning.

The elegant SEA DAWN was firmly aground close by the SOUTHERN QUEEN’s pontoon in the Tidal Basin & an unusual sight in amongst the cabin cruisers & angling boats was the businesslike GPS INNOVATION, a small specialised dredger.

Thursday, 27 November 2014 - 15:31
Post 1309
  Sea News, Dover

Great Fundraising Effort by the Staff at DFDS SEAWAYS Smiley

DFDS Seaways supports local school with proceeds from staff raffle. Smiley

DFDS Seaways handed over £440 to the head teacher and pupils at Harbour Specialist School. The money, which was raised from a staff raffle prize at DFDS Seaways, will be put towards projects elected by the pupils at the Dover school, which is a specialist school for pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD).

Neil Doorley, onboard commercial director at DFDS Seaways comment:
“As a major employer in the Dover area, we believe it’s important to support the local community where possible. That is why we wanted to give the proceeds of our staff raffle to the Harbour Specialist School, which provides fantastic learning and support for its pupils, many of whom have learning and behavioural difficulties.”

Denise Baker, head teacher at Harbour Specialist School, said:
“We would like to thank DFDS Seaways for their donation. This is a great early Christmas present for the school and I look forward to discussing with the pupils on how we might best use this money, as they will take the lead in this decision.”

Picture Left to Right: Head teacher: D. Baker, Head Boy: L. Tatnell, Neil Doorley, DFDs Seaways, Head Girl: J. Edwards, Deputy Head Boy: W. Bishop

- ENDS –

* *

Well done to all the staff at DFDS. A nice present above for the School. Cheerful news for sure. Well done all!

Interesting posts below guys re the Live Exports situation, always an emotive topic indeed and not a pursuit that conjures up many pleasant images when you ponder on the process. PaulB.

Thursday, 27 November 2014 - 07:20
Post 1308
  Howard McSweeney, Dover
I doubt the exporters would be willing to pay the extra Mike, as you point out breeding animals are highly valued so it is important that they have a stress free crossing.

The animals that go via the "Joline" are just sent across for ritual slaughter so there is no percentage in people being humane. Only the EU can stop this awful trade.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 - 21:50
Post 1307
  Mike J., Dover
At the risk of moving this subject into ‘politics’ I often wonder whether protests against the traffic should be addressed to the big ferry operators who refuse to carry the traffic, rather than to the JOLINE.

Of course the JOLINE makes a simple target for protests but leaving aside the ethics of transporting live animals for eventual slaughter - if the major operators carried the traffic the beasts would have a much quicker & more humane crossing & would be carried in much more sheltered conditions & with much less movement than the tiny JOLINE who takes several hours to cross & whose ‘motion’ will be much more lively.
Quite apart from the delays that occur when the weather is too bad for the JOLINE to cross.

But of course the big operators won’t carry the traffic due to the bad publicity that this would attract.

Other live animals are routinely carried by the big operators, racehorses, breeding cattle etc & when I was on the ferries we occasionally carried live eels, from the UK to Holland, in waterfilled tanks, on a van marked ‘Eels on Wheels’

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 - 13:35
Post 1306
  Sea News, Dover
Thanks for that information Brian. Never spotted it myself through the gloomy weather, so it seems as though the nasty Live Export trade continues. The Port of Dover is obligated into accommodating this trade by law, until that changes we may well be stuck with the unpopular trade. Although I understand the Joline as shown in pic below now operates through Ramsgate as well. Here she is following one of the MyFerryLink ships out of Port and into the open sea. PB.
The picture is from an earlier time but we show it so that any of our new readers who dont know the actual vessel can see it here and now. It is rather small and dwarfed amongst the ferries.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 - 07:20
Post 1305
  brian, dover.
I noticed that the tank/sheep carrier joline has made a visit today.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 - 19:17
Post 1304
  Sea News, Dover

Hail the ongoing Port transformation.

The Port of Dover’s new Inbound Tourist Control Facility was officially unveiled by Sir Charles Montgomery, Director General of Border Force, at a ceremony held at the Port’s Eastern Docks on Thursday 20 November 2014.

The new facility is a key milestone in the ongoing development of the Traffic Management Improvement (TMI) project that is transforming Europe’s leading ferry port.

TMI is part of an £85 million upgrade programme focused on the Eastern Docks, which is being delivered at the same time the Port has recently committed to investing up to £120 million in phase one of the Dover Western Docks Revival Project, the biggest single investment ever made by the Port. Together, such investments are transforming the Port for the benefit of its customers and community.

Sir Charles said:
“I am extremely impressed by the quality of the facilities and infrastructure. It is an extraordinary transformation taking place at the Port of Dover. With the growing relationship developing between Border Force and the Port, it was an honour and privilege to be at the Port for the official unveiling.”

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive of the Port of Dover, welcomed the guests and outlined the significance of TMI to the Port’s ongoing development.
“This is another important step in the ongoing transformation of the Port of Dover. We are creating an additional four kilometres of lanes, a holding facility for 220 freight vehicles and removing the bottlenecks within the Port. The scheme is due for completion in late 2015 and we will see the re-routing of traffic flows, new variable messaging services and lane control and the significant bonus of reducing congestion and air pollution in the external road network.

“The Port of Dover is changing and we are at the forefront of developing a port we can all be proud of by working together with our partners to be the best port in the world.”


Top Shot From left to right: Tim Waggott, Port of Dover Chief Executive, George Jenkins OBE, Chairman of Dover Harbour Board and Sir Charles Montgomery, Director General of Border Force.

Bottom Shot: Tim Waggott, Port of Dover Chief Executive (5th from left), Paul Morgan, Border Force South East & Europe Director, Sir Charles Montgomery, Director General of Border Force and George Jenkins OBE, Chairman of Dover Harbour Board (2nd from right), with representatives from the operators, Border Force and Port personnel

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 - 06:22
Post 1303
  Sea News, Dover
Much brighter morning this monday morning and no mistake...but chilly with it. Ones assets are frozen ! Smiley
Yours truly's ancient Nikon is still delivering above. Smiley See also pictures from Sunday just below.

Monday, 24 November 2014 - 08:38
Post 1302
  Sea News, Dover

Twas a rather grey ol sunday morning for the arrival once again of the Schweiz Reefer. This ship was a new arrival to the scene fairly recently.. as I understand it anyway, but now appears to be something of a regular player here in Dover and very welcome too. As we have said previously there is a much wider range of cargo ships coming lately which is good to see. Dover marches onwards and upwards. You wont need me to tell you the weather got much worse after these pictures were taken and it turned into a gloomy miserable wet Sunday along the harbour. Not a soul ventured out. All outdoor life abandoned!...well...mostly. Sadly the pictures are a bit grey in tone.

Below we have a picture of our two tugs returning to base yesterday, making their way slowly back across the harbour, their job over with the Schweiz Reefer.

Mike mentioned HMS Gleaner a few posts below and here she is above late last week meandering around the harbour. Surveying...I think Mike said. There are clearer closer pictures of HMS Gleamer by Mike in post 1180 now on page 3 where he mentions that she is the only Royal Naval vessel to have made it inland as far as Basel in dear old you see how all this brilliantly links together ! Smiley

Not sure if the post below from New York is a genuine attempt or just spam from the big apple. John in case its a real attempt could post that in our Politics Section in the main forums which would be the best place for it. The Politics Section is ideal for that sort of thing. We don't do politics on here unless its something directly related to the Port of Dover or maritime related generally. I will leave the post in place for another day in case its genuine and then I will have to delete as it doesn't fit our remit. Thanks. PB.

Monday, 24 November 2014 - 06:03
Post 1301
  John Newell, NYC USA (
Procedure By which conservatives Could Win Control of Parliament

If UKIP  is  Lucky,  UKIP could  get,   perhaps,  get   five  to  ten   seats
in  Parliament.  Do  not   forget,   the  public  still regards  UKIP  as   a
one  issue  party.  To gain  control of  Parliament  UKIP  and  (and frie-
nds) should  form a  new  conservative  party  with  a  platform that is 
close to that of the existing Conservative party, omitting, of course, 
policies that are objectionable to conservatives. The purpose would
be to make a bed that would be easy for conservatives to slide into,
including  the eighty  percent  of  the Conservatives who left Conser-
vative  associations. UKIP and the  conservatives  should   then  form
 a  political  association  in  each  parliamentary  district.   UKIP   could
merge with the new party, thus getting rid of the one issue problem. 
Every one who would have worked  to  form  the new,  conservative,
 party   should   be   prevented   from    joining    the    new   party    for
a  period   of time  to  prevent  the  impression  that  UKIP  controls  it.

The two or three conservative parties should hold a primary election
to determine who runs as the Parliamentary candidate, with the losers
to help the winner. The cost of forming new associations can be raised
by local contributors. It is suggested that the  new   conservative   asso-
ciations and the political party be controlled by the lowest level of con-
servatives, such as teachers, small businessmen, solicitors, professionals
etc. If the  above   procedure   can  not  be  completed  in  time  to   get 
candidates   elected   to    Parliament,  the  new  party  must  wait  until
after the  election  and  hold  a  petition  demanding  that  the  elected
MP  resign. Note: an MP  represents   every  person  in  his  district,  not
just members and   supporters of his party. When the petition reaches
fifty percent of those who voted in the prior election, the conservatives
will be morally justified in demanding their MP"s resignation. Then the
new party could run their  candidates  in  the  following by elections. 
To select a candidate, a local  association should  advertise  for applicants
for the position of candidate for  Parliament, then  select   the   best  app-
licant  by using rigorous tests, including, most importantly,  psychological 
evaluation. Psychological evaluation is an absolute necessity, as psych-
ological evaluation is the only way to tell who is honest and who is a con-
artist; members of the public  cannot.  Without psychological evaluation,
we will get corruption until the end of time, and there is nothing we
could do about. Testing  could  be  required  of the association  officers, 
committee  members and delegates, etc.

The platform selected by new party associations,  should be some what
 vague in order to facilitate integration  the platforms of the  new  assoc-
iations into one platform. It is suggested that self forming cliques of those
who are  honest  and  trust  worthy   be   formed;  then form   self  forming
cliques of those who have   political skills  and  capabilities,  within  the first
described clique.
Please  forward  to those  who  might  be  interested.
Request more information.     Comments welcome,       Questions answered.

Sunday, 23 November 2014 - 16:02
Post 1300
  Sea News, Dover
All week there were guys marking up the seafront. Red arrows this way, green ones that way, yellow ones the other. Eventually we could see why...this convoy from SSE rolled into town. Oh think of energy companies nowadays and the word fracking is never far behind, dark images were being conjured up in yours trulys brain. But no..after several tranquilisers I realised it wasn't freaky fracking Friday but just some serious cable laying by the French group.

Our ol' friend the Dover Seaways was back in action again yesterday which was good to see. She was only out of service for a relatively short time and I suspect the much talked about crash was probably not much more than a jolt, but no doubt the official enquiry will get the accurate picture.
Here she is heading for Dunkerque yesterday around 13.15..

We still don't have any news on the Pride of Canterbury and as we know the Spirit of France is out of service for the moment too..
....this always puts a strain on local traffic.
Yes that is indeed a sinister looking vessel in your post below Mike... hadn't spotted that one.
Yes Daryl the Port of Dover and all the ferries always keep going no matter what is thrown at them.

Sunday, 23 November 2014 - 06:45
Post 1298
  brian, dover
daz, see ferry problems on main forum.Smiley

Saturday, 22 November 2014 - 06:51
Post 1297
  Daryl Dixon, North Yorkshire (
I have to say hats of to all officers and crews on all the ships, I'm a coach driver and a regular traveler on P&O, both to Calais and Zeebrugge, and no matter what the weather throws at them they always get through

Friday, 21 November 2014 - 22:32
Post 1296
  Daryl Dixon, North Yorkshire (
Cheers for that, thought it was its dreaded vibration come back to haunt it,, prop problems would explain slow speed,,,, Any news on Pride of Canterbury`s progress

Friday, 21 November 2014 - 22:28
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