Monday, 18 June 2018

The Maersk Connector - currently at the Port of Dover. Pictured by Benjamin Payne. Great pic. Many thanks Ben.

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Post 4918
  Mike J., Dover
Arrival of the PACIFIC REEFER Monday morning from Piata, a small port in Peru.
Sorry ‘bout the damned lighting pole !

Unusually the SAGA SAPPHIRE stayed overnight after arriving Sunday morning & sailed Monday about 1700 for Bergen.
This gave them the opportunity to carry out an engine change for their No.5 tender & for the crew to sample Dover’s Sunday night’s nightlife.

The LAURA MONCUR is in Granville Dock & is expected to sail for Littlehampton on Tuesday morning.

Just waiting to see whether Sarah is going to post about her trip on the LAURA MONCUR as there’s no point in duplicating pix & info.
Very friendly crew aboard the 57-year old lifeboat, owned & sailed by a brother & sister.
The LAURA has an excellent website - just google ‘Laura Moncur’

Tucked away in a corner of Granville Dock is the unusual small workboat PATRIOT who has been there for months.

Whilst waiting for Sarah’s arrival on Sunday afternoon DWDR’s SHAMROCK went out for a spot of surveying.

Monday, 21 May 2018 - 22:50
Post 4917
  Sea News, Dover

Above there we have the Luzon Strait leaving for Vlissingen earlier this morning in the rather misty conditions. Both tugs were giving assistance but just one is showing in shot. Its incredibly busy at the Cargo Terminal as her vacant slot was taken up almost immediately this morning by the Pacific Reefer. Good to know we will have more terminals coming with the new development. See post below.
(Oddly this picture came out on display much bigger than expected...and it isnt bigger in reality.
I seem to be having a few haywire moments since the major Microsoft machinations..Smiley)

See todays interesting earlier posts below.

Monday, 21 May 2018 - 15:22
Post 4916
  Sea News, Dover

Port of Dover selects Konecranes for new Dover Cargo Terminal

Konecranes has been selected to supply two Konecranes Gottwald Model 5 Mobile Harbour Cranes for Port of Dover's new cargo facilities as part of the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) development.

The eco-efficient diesel-electric Model 5 Mobile Harbour Cranes will handle mainly containers and palletised fruit at Port of Dover’s new multi-purpose refrigerated cargo terminal, which is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2019. The cranes will operate with the Hybrid drive technology to maximize fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions and help the Port create a quieter operating environment.

Dave Herrod, DWDR Programme Director at the Port of Dover, said: “The new multi-purpose cargo terminal and the ongoing transformation of the Western Docks are perfectly placed to take European logistics to the next level and give businesses a competitive edge. We have opted once more for versatile cranes to help us meet the future demands of the business and deliver a rapid turnaround for a new generation Port of Dover customers.”

The terminal will be served by completely new marine and land infrastructure including two deep-water cargo berths (Berth A: 251m and Berth C: 300m in length, plus a dolphin). The Model 5 Mobile Harbour Cranes in the G HMK 5506 two-rope variant provide a strong lifting capacity profile with a maximum lifting capacity of 125t, and an outreach of up to 51m.

Neil Griffiths, Regional Sales & Service Director, Konecranes Port Solutions, explains: “UK ports are currently investing in new and more powerful quayside handling equipment to meet ever changing market demands. We are pleased that one of the leading ports has again opted for Konecranes.”

Sam Stewart, General Manager at Port of Dover Cargo Ltd, said: “The completion of the contract for the supply of the cranes is another step forward in the delivery of the enhanced cargo facilities to meet future demand for services and to strengthen Port of Dover Cargo Ltd’s position as the ultimate strategic location with fast, dedicated and direct access to the wider UK and Europe.”

DWDR is the single biggest investment ever undertaken by the Port of Dover and represents the next exciting evolution of the Port, delivering long-term capacity for a key international gateway handling trade to the value of £122bn (€138bn) and representing up to 17% of UK trade in goods.


Very exciting times indeed - great to see the Port of Dover powering forward in such dynamic style.
Uplifting news there... Smiley

* *

And now below as promised .. some action pictures of the tug Sea Bulldog as she heads off again after delivering the dredging platform Nordic Giant. On her way back to Rotterdam I believe ( yours truly made a mental note of where to...but you know how it is... ). As you can see she hit some rough turbulence just outside the Port leading to some dramatic images. A bit far off for max impact but here we are nonetheless...

Excellent collection below there from Mike..very fascinating stuff, not least seeing our roving correspondent onboard the Laura Moncur… we now need a close-up.
"I'm ready for my close-up Mr de Mille!" Smiley

Great stuff all round. Dont miss those below.Smiley



Monday, 21 May 2018 - 07:11
Post 4915
  Mike J., Dover

Sunday visitors. Arrival of the SAGA SAPPHIRE with a single solitary passenger out on deck braving the early morning misty chill.

I was on the Ad.Pier mainly for the Dutch tug ISA towing WADDENs 1 & 4 from Malmo, returning to work with the recently-arrived dredger NORDIC GIANT but in any event the little convoy went to the Eastern Arm where they were almost invisible in the morning murk.

The Ad.Pier was packed with anglers as the mackerel were running, although I saw very few actually being caught - a little unusual as usually the mackerel throw themselves at the lures, hauling in three or four at a time being quite normal.
I walked out as far as the Turret & didn’t hear a word of English being spoken.

Early in the afternoon the preserved ‘Watson’ class lifeboat LAURA MONCUR came in from Harwich, with the ‘Sea News’ Ramsgate correspondent aboard - that’s Sara in the black ensemble & it looks as though she’s taking a photo – now there’s a surprise . . .
Camera problems at the crucial moment denied me the ‘bows three-quarter’ angle that I was hoping for.

I was caught out by the unexpected appearance of one of the passenger tenders from the SAGA SAPPHIRE following close behind Sara’s lifeboat.

Later in the day the ISA came across from the Eastern Arm & moored with the Holyhead Towing tugs in the old Jetfoil terminal.

Monday, 21 May 2018 - 00:49
Post 4914
  Sea News, Dover
Some gentle easy images for a Sunday Morning...images from Sandwich..
A very calm easy day above...very Midsomer..Smiley
Heck of a barge that one. That chap featured seems to be restoring it to former glory. You could live on that one quite easily, even have some relations move in..ermmm if you wanted toSmiley In the background you can see what used to be Fisherman's Wharf now called Charlie's Bistro. Might be worth a visit for sure.
The American P22 above there...we've had this one on here before. A Rhine patrol vessel circa WWII.
Some formidable looking crows/jackdaws/ravens above the shadow of the American Flag. You don't want to tangle with that guy on the right. No sirreee bob!

Back to Dover now and we have a picture below of the departing Seabourn Quest from a couple of evenings ago...also featuring red bunker ship Duzgit Harmony which seems to flit back and forth from Rotterdam to service the ships here in Dover.

Nice collection and info below there Mike. Yes good ones of Prinsendem on that Irish Cruise ColetteB was romanticising about. Will have a pic myself in due course.Smiley Yes indeed good luck to Andy and all the RNLI fundraisers.Smiley

Tomorrow will have those pictures promised of the Sea Bulldog and the latest Port cargo news...all being well.
ps: Saga Sapphire approaching through the misty conditions.

Sunday, 20 May 2018 - 07:05
Post 4913
  Mike J., Dover
Departure of the PRINSENDAM for St Peter Port & bunker tanker SIKINOS for Margate Roads late Saturday afternoon.

Shortly after the departures the CITY OF LONDON 2 came down the Wick to her berth, overtaking the DIRECTOR.

The lifeboat's AIS track shows her going first to Folkestone Saturday morning & after returning to Dover a quick trip to Calais, probably something to do with the 'Yellow Welly'’ that is being transported around the UK fundraising for the RNLI for 'Operation Mayday'

Also noticed on AIS was the SPIRIT OF AHAB who has Andy Hodgson aboard attempting the first solo round-Britain row, fund-raising for the RNLI & MIND.

Andy passed Dover this afternoon after coming down thru the Swale between Sheppey & the mainland & he does not plan to set foot ashore until the circumnavigation is completed .

At 0030 Sunday morning the SPIRIT OF AHAB was close offshore from Capel, presumably anchored for the night.

For more info, including how to make donations, Google 'Round Britain Row'

I’m sure that we all wish Andy well for a most successful trip.

Sunday, 20 May 2018 - 00:41
Post 4912
  Sea News, Dover
As promised the other 'beast from the east' China Shipping Line's Ocean Pacific
...all 188.000 tons of her and right in close to the Port of Dover. One of the worlds biggest ships.

Its hard to do justice in a small space to a ship that big, so yours truly has pushed the pictures as far as we can go behind the scenes all can enjoy. Lets hope it all works okay when I press the upload button. We gather in the rougher weather of a few days ago the ship came close to shore to allow the pilot to can see our own pilot boat above there, close in to the action.

Ah...have just come across this one below in the files, didnt realise I had taken a picture of the ship before, here we are long range in 2017...although I called her Pacific Ocean rather than Ocean Pacific in the files, I guess its one and the same.

Had a delayed start this morning due to a very long Microsoft update, and now everything is all over the place. Much sorting now needed and several aspects don't work...but no doubt its all fixable. Headache..

SmileyWell done Mike...nice all round collection below. Great stuff! Great to see all the development.
Don't miss those.

Update re above...the third pic down came out a bit soft, its not soft in reality. That's what ye get for pushing...

Saturday, 19 May 2018 - 08:54
Post 4911
  Mike J., Dover
Superb piece of photographic forgery with the MORGONSTER – well done !

A most elegant vessel, built in Holland in 1919 & now operating as a sail training ship.
After anchoring overnight down towards Folkestone she passed Dover again midday yesterday & is now in Calais.

A very good ‘capture’ of the NORDIC GIANT too in ‘trying’ conditions.

A few pix from Thursday. A couple of DWDR views & the SMIT YOUNG & one of the crew boats pick their way past the DAVID CHURCH working in the Wick Channel.

Out in the bay the DUZGIT HARMONY waitS for her next customer after bunkering the SEABOURN QUEST & the EUROPEAN SEAWAYS with a full load of freight comes astern for No.7 berth.

Saturday, 19 May 2018 - 08:28
Post 4910
  Sea News, Dover

FAKE NEWS: That's a picture above there of Morgenster the Dutch sailing vessel. She passed by the port late yesterday afternoon and yours truly saw her at the very last minute, just before she disappeared behind Cruise Terminal Two. I got just one picture and that's it...far from ideal it she appeared to be sitting atop the Admiralty Pier. There was no sea the picture that is. So yours truly added a fake sea this morning with the help of an airbrush...and there you have it.
Pity the ship wasn't seen approaching rather than a-going...SmileySmiley

Friday, 18 May 2018 - 15:08
Post 4909
  Sea News, Dover
The Seabourn Quest
Some pictures now above and below of the glamourous Seabourn Quest arriving with us here at the Port of Dover yesterday morning. As we said previously...(in comparison to the recent Costa), she is smallish but beautifully packaged. One of yours trulys neighbours added yesterday..."its expensive to go on there!". There you have it... For further details see ColetteB's cruise lists. Type in 'cruise visits' in the search engine above for easy access to the info.

In the background above there you can see another 'beast from the east'. This time in the giant shape of China Shipping Line's Ocean Pacific. A total whopper of a ship...will aim to have more pictures of that one over the weekend. She came right in close to ever I'm running behind ..

This shot below is from ermmm...let me see...Wednesday evening late. Its about 9.15PM and quite dark. I didn't think there was a cats chance in hell of it coming out but fluke of flukes it did. It shows the platform Nordic Giant struggling in the roughish conditions to make it to port. I think that's Afon Lligwy also in shot. Just out of shot is another tug, this time from Rotterdam, called Sea Bulldog. We might have some pictures of that one to follow...they should be okay...still sorting through.

That's an absolute cracking picture below Andrew...absolute blinder!
They sometimes say less is just put up that one shot and it was great.
Enjoyable story too.


Friday, 18 May 2018 - 06:28
Post 4908
  Andrew, Broadstairs

Like Mike, I have been diverted from the computer to the requirements of the garden, much healthier............... so my wife tells me!
Last Friday I made a nostalgic trip to Dover to see DEUTSCHLAND as I had spent a day aboard her when she made her first visit to Dover, sadly I cannot recall the date. She was then owned by Peter Deilmann for whom she was built in 1998 and was only a few years old. If her exterior had clean simple elegant lines with only two balconies, her interior was the height of the elegant quality of the1920’s/30’s European style. I remember the wood faced cabin doors outlined with grained carved motifs and designs and fitted with keys, no electronic cards! The ‘Lili Marleen’ lounge echoed that period in German society but for me and I thought Ed might find this interesting, (Missing your contributions and hope you still look at Sea News with improving health), one of the dining areas was decorated with large photographs of German passenger ships and harbour scenes of the same period and around one seating area was a large beautifully painted mural of one of the two Hamburg Sud ‘Monte’ class liner’s with her two white funnels with red tops. The original glass plate negatives of the photographs must be superb, as todays finest digital cameras would have difficulty in producing such detail and sharpness at such a size! I don’t know how much of that superb finish has been retained and I am pleased to be left with the memory and just watch her sail, the exterior seems to remain unaltered and makes an interesting comparison with the AIDASOL her outside and no doubt inside built for the requirements of today cruise passengers.

Thursday, 17 May 2018 - 11:30
Post 4907
  Sea News, Dover
Its evening departure time and you can see the pilot boat pausing above there in the shadow of the magnificent giant Costa Mediterranea, she is indeed pausing, waiting for the reversing Saga Pearl just ahead of her and just out of shot. And there is Saga Pearl below...just about to turn about slowly as the pilot boat moves closer.

And then she was to the Norwegian wilds ..

Later that evening...and its 8.15PM now and the elegant giant Costa Mediterranea is underway, next stop Le Havre. You can see the busy pilot boat returning in the fading light.

Great shots below there Patrick. Cracking stuff ! Smiley
Nice collection Mike of the inshore happenings. Well done with those.Smiley
Excellent cruise listing Colette. Keeps us up to speed with everything that's about to happen. Ace! Smiley
You are welcome HaraldSmiley
Thanks for those dimensions Jeremy...certainly room for a football pitch or two there..SmileySmiley

ps: .. have to dash...more activity happening all around me here...SmileySmiley

Thursday, 17 May 2018 - 06:23
Post 4906
  Patrick, Marine Parade
An early morning arrival yesterday - another photo of the rather large 'Costa Mediterranea'

followed a short while later by the Saga Pearl II on one of her first pick up calls of the season taking on new passengers ready for her trip to the Norwegian Fjords.
Departing Dover yesterday evening

with a stern decks full of happy cruisers

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - 20:58
Post 4905
  Mike J., Dover
Catch up time - been away from the keyboard for a few days.

During the helicopter rescue on Friday I noticed one of the Thames catamaran ferries coming in thru the Eastern entrance.

The METEOR CLIPPER made a very brief visit for bunkers whilst en route Cowes for refit.
The front windows were boarded up in case of lumpy seas during her ‘offshore voyage’

The DEUTSCHLAND seems a popular ship with the photographers & [or me at least] is rather more elegant than the ‘monster’ AIDAs & the like.
I missed her arrival but here she is shortly after docking in quite different dawn light than Paul’s pix,

There’s an 8 knot speed limit in the harbour for ‘pleasure craft’ so those jet skis speeding along amongst almost invisible swimmers looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

A few Tuesday pix in the boatyard, a ‘different’ angle on the shellfish dredger RENOWN IV [post 4887] with the DOVORIAN [at least I THINK that it’s the DOVORIAN] just after being lowered onto trestles by the boat lift.

After Paul’s pix & mention of the pilot disembarking from the AMADEA [post 4888] there’s a most interesting high quality drone film on Youtube about embarking a pilot from heavy ice onto a moving ship,

Just enter ‘PILOT BOARDS MOVING SHIP ICE’ in the Youtube searchbox.

I was aboard a ship many years ago when we took a pilot off the ice in the same area but in a much less spectacular manner.
We stopped up against the solid ice edge & the pilot came out in a 4x4 & joined in the ‘normal’ manner, up the pilot ladder onto our deck.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - 20:25
Post 4904
  Harald Boot, Tholen, The Netherlands
Thank you for your lovely comments.Smiley

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - 19:43
Post 4903
  Colette B, Dover


I always find it fascinating to see the hardworking tugs manoeuvre such enormous cruise ships like the Costa Mediterranea into position ….. Professionals at Work Smiley
Great photos MrB Smiley

Thanks Jeremy for the dimensions ….. What a Whopper! Smiley

It is good to hear from people elsewhere in Europe and further afield comment on Sea News, it looks as though Harald and his family from the Netherlands had an eventful day last Friday, that was some day trip! Smiley

Well here we go with the next batch of cruise visits.

Tomorrow Thursday 17th May, the super sleek Seabourn Quest glides into CT1 at 07.00 hours, last here in September 2017. She sets sail on her 15 night ‘British Isles & Iceland’ cruise, her ports of call are Bristol, Milford Haven, Douglas, Belfast, Greenock, Oban, Fort William and the Isle of Skye. She then sails across to the Icelandic ports of Seydisfjordur, Djupivogur, Heimaey Island, Grundarfjordur and Reykjavik. Leaving us at 17.00 hours, T/R & PoC.

Then on Saturday 19th May, Prinsendam calls in at CT1, 07.00 hours, (also last here in September 2017) on her 14 night ‘Celtic Explorer’ cruise. She arrives here from Fort Lauderdale to start her Dover to Amsterdam sailing. Her ports of call are Guernsey, Fowey, Tresco Island in the Scillies, Bristol then on to the Emerald Isles calling at Killybegs, Galway (I’m singing Galway Girl now, can’t resist Smiley), Glengarriff and Waterford. The Belgian port of Zeebrugge is next, then Vlissingen, Antwerp and Amsterdam. She leaves us at 17.00, T/R & PoC.

The next day Sunday 20th May, Saga Sapphire calls at CT1 at 08.00, to start her 7 night round trip to the Isle of Man & the TT, (Ahh! Memories of the TT races there Smiley). Her first port of call is Dublin then on to Liverpool, Douglas and Portland. She is due back to Dover on Tuesday 29th May. She departs at 16.00, T/R.

Then on Monday 21st May, the graceful lady Boudicca calls into CT2, 06.30 hours for her 9 night ‘Scottish Highlands & Islands and Ireland’ round trip. Her ports of call are Invergordon, Kirkwall (Orkney), Lerwick (Shetland), Stornoway Isle of Lewis & Harris, Isle of Mull, Dublin and Dover . She is leaving us at 17.00 hours, T/R.

On Tuesday 22nd May, we have another ‘Double Whammy’ firstly Saga Pearl ll calls into CT1 at 08.00 hours. She is on her 15 night ‘Majestic Baltic’ round trip. Her ports of call are Gdynia (Poland), Tallinn (Estonia), St Petersburg (Russia), Katka (Finland), Visby, Gotland Island (Sweden), Karlskrona (Sweden), Kiel and Dover. She leaves us at 16.00 hours, T/R.

At the same time Costa Mediterranea calls at CT2, 08.00 hours whilst on a 7 night Round trip to Amsterdam. Her next port of call is Le Havre in France then Hamburg, Bremerhaven and finally Amsterdam. She departs our shores at 20.00 hours, PoC.

Finally on Thursday 24th May, AIDAaura (last seen here in September 2016) greets us with a warm smile at CT2, 07.00 hours on her 14 night Palma de Mallorca to Kiel cruise. Her next ports of call are Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen and Kiel which will be her home port until late September. She is leaving us at 18.00 hours, PoC.

Some fabulous cruises above, I would enjoy each & every one of them and all on our doorstep and some even bringing us back home again. Now where did I leave my passport Smiley

Back soon folks.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - 12:10
Post 4902
  Jeremy Ward, Whitfield, Dover
The Costa Mediterranea is 292m long and her beam is 32.2m and a draught of 8m Smiley

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - 09:16
Post 4901
  Sea News, Dover
The hugely glamourous and indeed huge Costa Mediterranea arriving here with us yesterday tuesday at the Port of Dover.

The sequence shows the super ship coming across the harbour in the misty conditions yesterday morning and then turning into position. Yours truly hasn't checked the dimensions but she must easily be the length of a football pitch and more. How does she squeeze in to Terminal Two... thought I .. but indeed she did. Great to see these ships for sure. Saga Pearl was also in later, we will have a pic or two in due course.

Nice collection of pictures below there Harald. I can see you enjoyed your trip to Dover, you certainly got around during the trip, and it looks like AIDAsol was following you about.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - 07:27
Post 4900
  Harald Boot, Tholen, The Netherlands
Last Friday we spend a day around Dover and when we were approaching the Port of Dover on the Spirit of Britain the Aida Sol sailed behind us.

A beautiful view over the Port of Dover.Smiley

When we were there we also saw the helicopter.

We departed the Port of Dover again on the Spirit of Britain via the western entrance so we had a great view of the Aida Sol.Smiley

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 - 20:07
Post 4899
  Sea News, Dover
New building taking shape at the waters edge ..
You can see it here catching the very very early sun. Most of the time its not terribly visable but with the early sun hitting the metal structure it leapt forth like a..ermmm.. mirage...

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 - 15:51
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