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Post 6686
  Sea News, Dover
One of the cranes...the one temporarily at WD4 has been loading containers into a solid block of massed containers. We caught this picture a couple of days ago and guessed preparations were in order. And so it came to pass...yesterday Lady Rosebay arrived in Port and yours truly was expecting her to come about, very useful for pictures, and head into the traditional cargo terminal ( pictured previously below)...but no, not this time. This time the container ship went forward to the all-new terminal WD5...leaving yours truly a tad gobsmacked... one is easily gobsmacked !
We will have pictures of Lady Rosebay arriving ...will have those tomorrow...still being worked on.

Oh dear! look at this, Natalie's poster has taken a beating. We were expecting a little further light Sharpie know, like reading glasses and a moustachio...but no...somebody did a real 'pro-job' on it during Saturday night...

How it used to look below. Mind you it only lasted in good nick for about 2 days...
bear up, only a few more days of rabid electioneering to go as all parties tediously promise us the un-promiseable 'promised land'
Natalie Elphicke : See also post 6682 and 6678.


Monday, 9 December 2019 - 06:05
Post 6685
  Sea News, Dover
The latest collection of pictures of Dover Lifeboat. They were taken on Dec 1st....which was...let me see...last Sunday. The Lifeboat was returning from west of Port and we catch her here as she begins to turn in...

Dover Lifeboat in Fast Action

She rolled substantially in picture 4 above there at the Port entrance but recovered swiftly as you can see....

SmileyDel yes indeed its not very pleasant to get stuck but no doubt we will see more of it in coming times..

Smiley Enjoyable tug shots below from Mike...don't miss those .. its always good to see the hard working tugs.


Saturday, 7 December 2019 - 08:15
Post 6684
  Del Styan, Norwich
As the owner of just such a little car, I sympathise with that person caught up in the port queues. Been there - suffered that! Its not nice being sandwiched between loads of lorries. Cant see a thing!
But you live with it every day, I'm just an occasional visitor.
Ah well - roll on next Thursday. What ever that will solve.

Friday, 6 December 2019 - 22:58
Post 6683
  Mike J., Dover
A dull damp Friday midday saw the arrival in the rain of Leith-registered tug MARINECO ASHANTI after a passage from Fraserburgh in Bonnie Scautland, mooring alongside DAVID CHURCH.

She is thought to be sheltering from the current unpleasantness & will continue downchannel when the weather improves.

MARINECO are a Scots marine-contracting company based near Edinburgh & their fleet of tugs & workboats have worked in NW Europe, the Middle East & India.
Their interesting website is worth a google.

Friday, 6 December 2019 - 16:43
Post 6682
  Sea News, Dover

The huge strike in France led to some considerable backlog here in Dover...the traffic was in chaos for a while. The long arm of the law was brought in to the Port Gates to regulate the flow...some trickled in to Port from the Jubilee Way direction...then some from the Townwall Street direction... then back to the Jubilee Way queue etc etc....Congestion Digestion ! You can spot that red truck in both pictures there, it eventually trickled through as you can see..

You can feel some sorrow for the little blue car above got stuck with all those trucks as they inched yawningly all the way down single lane Jubilee Way.

Oh Dear ! Back to Natalie.. Not very nice of course but put a billboard at 'Marker Pen Level' and the inevitable happens...we now await the arrival of glasses and a moustache.
Attack of the Sharpie.
Natalie Elphicke...see more pictures below in 6678...


Friday, 6 December 2019 - 06:52
Post 6681
  Sea News, Dover



British ferry company P&O Ferries has been awarded ‘Best Ferry and Mini Cruise Operator’ and ‘Best Ferry Booking Website’ at the annual British Travel Awards. The winners were revealed at an evening gala, which took place at London Evolution in Battersea Park, on 27 November 2019.

With strong competition from other ferry operators providing services between Britain and the continent, P&O Ferries once again emerged victorious, having been the recipient of ‘Best Ferry and Mini Cruise Operator’ for an impressive 11 consecutive years.

Sarah Rosier, Director of Passenger Sales at P&O Ferries, who collected the awards on the night, said, "It was an honour to receive two awards recognising the quality of our services. We have consistently been voted the best in class by the public for over a decade, and this is testament to the hard work that our team puts in day in and day out, to ensure that we offer a superior service to our customers. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us, and look forward to seeing them onboard again soon."

British Travel Awards’ Chief Executive, Lorraine Barnes Burton, added, "We would like to congratulate P&O Ferries on winning both ‘Best Ferry and Mini Cruise Operator’ and ‘Best Ferry Booking Website’. Competition was particularly strong this year, but ultimately it was the travelling public who decided the winners by voting for the travel companies they consider the best in the business."

For over a decade, the independently run British Travel Awards has celebrated the very best suppliers in the leisure travel and tourism industry. It represents the largest and most influential poll of public opinion in the UK, with votes verified by Deloitte. Hosted this year by TV presenter and author Gyles Brandreth, the awards ceremony saw over 200 travel and leisure brands accredited across 80 different categories.

P&O Ferries is a leading pan-European ferry and logistics company, sailing 27,000 times a year on nine major routes between Britain, France, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Holland and Belgium. It operates more than 20 vessels which carry 8.4 million passengers and 2.3 million freight units every year.

For more information about P&O Ferries, visit

For more information about The British Travel Awards, visit

The Spirit of Britain


Many thanks once again to the team at P&O Ferries for the latest information..Smiley

* *

Some pictures now of Barrington Island leaving the Port of Dover on Tuesday hampered a tad by blinding low sunlight on the water...but we understand this is the last GEEST ship out of Dover, the company have decided to return to Portsmouth from whence they came...
Had this info through from Mike via Google:

. . . . .She was the last Geest-chartered vessel to call at Dover.
After 18 months here Geest have decided to return to Portsmouth & have a new 5-year contract at their previous port.
There were rumours that the move was Brexit-inspired to avoid possible congestion at Dover & distribution problems, but this was denied . . . .

Thanks to Mike there for that info.

Barrington Island moving across the harbour to leave by the western exit on Tuesday morning...

* *

Thanks Brian - yes Natalie is hitting all the high spots...a burnt out lightpole and a burnt out nightclub...Smiley

Del yes its all bewildering. I heard some Brexiteer on TV only yesterday saying the British Public wont mind queuing when they go to the EU...its the price we pay for independence...something about Visa Waver or something...the queues are difficult enough already especially in summer...
As mentioned above re Geest...this congestion probability is rumoured to be behind their decision to leave Dover.Smiley



Thursday, 5 December 2019 - 07:03
Post 6680
  Del Styan, Norwich
Love your tale of the defective light pole and the adjacent poster for the new Elphick in town. Oh how inappropriate can you get!
I just cant get my head round how "Get Brexit Done" appeals to the ferry users, who face so many obstacles in the future.
I must be a bear of little brain.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 - 23:00
Post 6679
  brian dixon, dover
there is two [ 2 ] of them near the burnt out nightclub.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 - 15:51
Post 6678
  Sea News, Dover
Border Force Seeker above there.
The Border Force were in interceptive operation again yesterday Tuesday when two boats carrying 13 migrants were stopped in the English Channel.
From the BBC...
Two boats carrying 13 migrants have been intercepted in the Channel, the Home Office has confirmed.

The boats, spotted at about 08:00 and 09:00 GMT, were stopped by Border Force vessels and all those on board were taken to Dover, Kent.

The first boat was carrying eight men who said they were Iranian and the second had five men, four of whom said they were Iranian and one Albanian. One was later found to be a child and will be cared for by social services.
All were medically assessed and interviewed by immigration officials.


Some pictures now of an arriving Atlantic Reefer a couple of days ago...let me check...yes Sunday. The Cargo Terminal was over-stretched once more as Barrington Island had to move to the Eastern Arm...will also have pix and info re Barrington Island soon.

Atlantic Reefer

* *

This is not a political endorsement one way or the other, yours truly is comfortably sitting on the fence...just like Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, although his particular fence is rather a spiked one.

This poster/billboard of Natalie Elphicke (Charlie's missus ) has suddenly appeared on the main road here...never in many an election have I seen a poster on the main road 600 metres from the entrance to the busiest port in the UK. Is it safe to have it there or is it a hazard...I dont know.

The bitter irony here is you see the Lighting Pole in front of it. It hasn't worked at all in 4/5 years. I have written to the Highways Agency about it several times...its an ongoing dialogue more interesting than a Charles Dickens novel, but the thing still isn't working.

For 4 days .. approximately 2 months ago it briefly worked. Nightime maintenance crews came and did the necessary with several lights along the main road, but alas this one shone bright for just 4 days and sank into its usual pitch darkness again, and that's where they chose to put the rather large poster board.

The Highways Agency told me they dont have a budget for a new light pole as this one is obviously buggered and needs replacing. The Conservative government have been in power for 9 years already and the cuts across the board have been so extreme that the poor ol Highways Agency cant affort a new pole. They told me they are now applying for funding for a new pole. We are supposedly one of the richest economies on earth.. but where are all those riches ??

This lighting pole is symbolic of much else.

Anyway...there we are...


Nice collection from Mike below there. Well done with those Mike. Great to see Protector there... Smiley

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 - 07:05
Post 6677
  Mike J., Dover

Continuing to push the geographical limits of DSN’s coverage further out may I submit a couple of pix from Lowestoft but hastily point out that there IS a Dover connection.

On 27 November I saw the Border Force vessels SEARCHER & PROTECTOR on the repair berths at Lowestoft, at the yard that has been used on occasion by DHB for DAVID CHURCH & the Dover tugs.

The PROTECTOR was not easily phottable from Asda’s carpark but when I passed by again on 30/11 had shifted to the outer harbour.

The PROTECTOR was purchased from the Finnish Border Guard Force in 2013 when she was called the TAVI, one of a class of three built in Rauma, Finland & is the only vessel of this type working for the Border Force.

She entered service with the UK Border Force in 2014 but has rarely been seen in local waters [or on ‘Sea News’ at least] being spotted thru the mist by Paul in March this year, [post 6161].

Nudging the geographical limits 15 miles further up the coast I couldn’t resist the very smart f/v ACHIEVABLE at Great Yarmouth, neatly converted from the ‘Liverpool’ class wooden lifeboat ISA & PENRYN MILSTEAD, built in 1957 & spending her short career at Filey, on the Yorkshire coast before being sold out of service & converted in 1968.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019 - 00:54
Post 6676
  Sea News, Dover

DFDS named World’s Best Ferry Operator for ninth consecutive year

Ferry operator DFDS scooped the title of ‘World’s Leading Ferry Operator’ for the ninth year in a row at the World Travel Awards recently.

The awards, which are known as the travel industry’s Oscars, were handed out at a gala ceremony at the Royal Opera House Muscat in Oman. They reward leaders in the tourism, airline, cruise and ferry, and hotel and hospitality sectors around the world. Winners are selected through an online poll involving members of the public and thousands of travel and tourism professionals.

Pete Akerman, Passenger Marketing Director at DFDS, said: "It’s an honour to be recognised as the World’s Leading Ferry Operator for a ninth year, showing the consistent quality of the services that we offer to passengers from around the world.

"We are proud of our record of providing an excellent customer experience across our route network, whether passengers are looking for a relaxing start to their holiday, a fun weekend away, or a comfortable and affordable way to get to their destination."

DFDS operates one of the largest networks of passenger and freight ferry routes in and around Europe. Its UK ferry services run from Dover to Calais and Dunkirk, from Newhaven to Dieppe and from Newcastle to Amsterdam. Its pan-European services include routes from Copenhagen to Oslo, from Kiel or Karlshamn to Klaipeda, and from Paldiski to Hanko and Kapellskär.

The company will introduce a new ship, the Côte D’Opale, on its Dover to Calais route in summer 2021. It will be the longest ship on the Channel and will carry 1,000 passengers and crew. The ship will offer new, modern restaurant concepts and the largest shopping experience on the Channel.

Artists Impression: Cote D'Opale


Congratulations to DFDS...
Many thanks once again to the DFDS Media Team for the info there. Smiley

While we are talking about all things we are with some pictures from the past. Just came across these in the files and sure..Who can resist a stroll down memory lane?
We feature here the DFDS ferry Dieppe Seaways with differing colour schemes.

... in 2012 just outside the Port of Dover

and in 2014 just outside the Port of Calais... featuring the ever popular Calais Beach.

Dieppe Seaways

* *

Dublin Port Pilot Boat....DPC Tolka. Named no doubt after Dublin's River rang a bell! Smiley
she paid a fleeting flying visit here to Dover on...let me see...yes Thursday.
Looking good....
DPC Tolka at the Port of Dover.

* *

Thanks Del, glad you enjoyed that one...
will aim for some more dramatic morning shots as we amble through winter. Smiley



Monday, 2 December 2019 - 06:04
Post 6675
  Del Styan, Norwich
Great pic of clouds over Calais. Well done.

Sunday, 1 December 2019 - 22:44
Post 6674
  Sea News, Dover
The final shots of grain ship Hendrika Margaretha

These final pictures of Hendrika Margaretha are from late-in-the-day Friday...the swirling grain dust just catching the weak late day sun. You can see the hold of the ship open wide for all comers. The grain truck unloading is one of the trucks featured in our pictures yesterday...the Weald Granary truck finally got its turn. The ship left the Port later the same day...

A picture below from a few days ago shows Border Force Seeker powering towards the Port through the grey seas... always a re-assuring sight.

Border Force SEEKER.

SmileyThe lovely Christmas Event at the Port...the White Cliffs Christmas... starts in earnest today Dec 1St...type in 6648 in our Search Engine Box above and the full details will pop up for you. Very exciting... Entry and Car Parking is FREE which makes it even more exciting! Smiley

ps: will have some pictures of the brief stay Dublin Pilot Boat tomorrow.

Sunday, 1 December 2019 - 06:36
Post 6673
  Sea News, Dover

Some pictures above there of Hendrika Margaretha once again and the ongoing truck discharging at pier WD4. You can already see this is a very popular new asset for the Port ...look at those grain trucks lined up there...

Hendrika left the Port last night.

While photographing the above, the Sand Falcon came in close to Port...I think we have featured this one before off top of head, it should be in the Search Engine. The pic isn't super clear but...


Saturday, 30 November 2019 - 07:47
Post 6672
  Sea News, Dover

The picture above was taken about a week ago...looking across the channel to the very heavy cloud hanging over Calais...while at the same time the colourful sky and sun struggles to burst through. All natural pic. Its normally a great time of year for sunrises but this time around we have struggled with too much rain... rain rain go away come back again another....etc etc.

The picture below from yesterday shows another ship at the all new pier WD4, This time its...and lets see if I get this right...Hendrika Margaretha
...and here we are...

A first visit for Hendrika there... obviously a grain ship. Late in the day yesterday there were quite a substantial amount of grain trucks queuing up delivering. Will aim to get a few more shots on this...


Friday, 29 November 2019 - 07:23
Post 6671
  Sea News, Dover
Some pictures now of the relatively new regular reefer...Star Stratos...
Here she is on Monday readying for departure having just left the Cargo Terminal...and indeed eventually departing, she is seen here as she begins her journey to Vlissingen in the Netherlands...the regular destination for many...
Star Stratos

Star Stratos.

The tug, seen peeling away in the final two shots there, was heading back to the Cargo Terminal, or in actual fact to help move Pacific Reefer from the Eastern Arm where she had been waiting, directly to the Cargo Terminal. Very busy down there once again.


Thursday, 28 November 2019 - 06:37
Post 6670
  Sea News, Dover

Clocking on to Christmas Time at Deal Pier

Time and tide wait for no one so the saying goes, so it’s good news that Deal Pier has a brand new clock! Installed as part of the £1m revamp of the popular local attraction, the bespoke art-deco style clock was manufactured by Smith of Derby, clockmakers since 1856, and has been installed at the entrance to the pier.

Along with the new clock, the entrance to the pier also now features a new digital media screen which will have a showreel of the pier’s history along with information on the Deal Pier Kitchen eaterie, local weather, tide and fishing information, and promoting local tourist attractions.

Adding a festive cheer to the pier this year, Dover District Council has also unveiled an 18ft Christmas tree on the pier apron. The lights were switched-on Friday (22 November) to coincide with the town’s Christmas lights event organised by the Deal & Walmer Chamber of Trade.

The next stage of the refurbishment works will include the installation of new LED lights along the full length of the pier in the New Year.

Roger Walton, Strategic Director at Dover District Council, said: "Deal Pier is a key focal point for the local community so the new clock is a perfect addition. We hope everyone enjoys the Christmas tree."


Thanks to the media team at Dover District Council for the above.Smiley

As mentioned briefly ship AIDAmar called into Port yesterday tuesday. The visit was scheduled, but it is still something of a jaw dropping moment to see a cruise liner this late in the year. She arrived in the dark and left in the dark
...but as ever, with a bounding bravura we tackled the picture problem that the darkness presents...Smiley

And here we are...

Yes...AIDAmar with the help of the tugs, moves astern with lights ablaze towards Cruise Terminal Two in the shots above. She left again around 7pm...the ship is on a 13 day one way trip from Hamburg to Majorca.

Also in port we have general cargo ship EEMS Dollard at the new pier WD5... limited visibility so just able to catch the 'rear end' here... hopefully more pictures later... high tide needed for this one..



Wednesday, 27 November 2019 - 07:43
Post 6669
  Sea News, Dover

We just caught the Lifeboat powering out of harbour on Sunday morning...time of first shot above there is 09.33. We have a bonus in the first pic above...because to the left we see the Border Force rib hurtling off out into action also, to the right a fisherman's boat returns to Port after an early morning sojourn in the choppy seas... these pictures taken shortly after the pictures of Royal Charlotte in the previous post....

Dover Lifeboat in action.

For Lifeboat guys everywhere. Smiley
Mesmerised to see a big cruise ship outside the 'observation tower' window very early this morning
...AIDAmar a blaze of light through the darkness.
The final ship...


Tuesday, 26 November 2019 - 07:24
Post 6668
  Sea News, Dover

A picture above there from yesterday morning Sunday (08.36) of fishing boat Royal Charlotte...the sea was difficult as you can see...and the boat was doing some considerable rolling. As the guys were just outside the Port yours truly thought they might give up and return...but no they carried on with a steely determination as you can see in Picture 3.

Picture 2 below is a crop/enlargement of the top picture in an effort to show clarity however not sure it improves clarity as the quality is fairly poor on the enlargement.

We have some Lifeboat shots in the pipeline taken at roughly the same time...they just need a bit of work and a bit of resizing to fit etc watch for those...
We have featured Royal Charlotte before, you can find her via our Search Engine above.


Monday, 25 November 2019 - 07:33
Post 6667
  Sea News, Dover

Some pictures now of Border Force Seeker as she sets out on a benign recent from just a few days ago... 'twas benign weatherwise as you can see, but the vessel's busy role is anything but tranquil .. and goes on...
the little boat below is called Y Knot and sure... why not!!?

Although the colour changes significantly above there in the few pictures, they were actually taken at the same time...the bottom two as she turned away from the light just outside the harbour...odd..

Back to the Air Ambulance
Yes another shot of the Air Ambulance helicopter there as she approaches Dover Castle earlier in the week...just noting the large gun at the bottom left of pic. They fire this one off from time to time to mark significant occasions...and it makes one heck of a thunderous bang I can tell you. It doesn't half rattle the rafters in the roof around here, and at one time yours truly's Ming Vase fell off the mantlepiece with the vibration...fortunately it landed on a cushion...SmileySmiley


Sunday, 24 November 2019 - 06:12
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