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Port's Chief Executive TIM WAGGOTT RESIGNS see 4778

P&O FERRIES presents big cash to RNLI Dover...see 4829.
P&O FERRIES recruiting...4745.
PORT of DOVER awards Cargo Refrigeration Contract see 4740.
PORT OF DOVER: Community Benefit 4688
PORT OF DOVER: GEEST LINE arrival see 4597.

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Post 4725
  Ted Ingham, Canterbury
The Border Agency Coastal Patrol Vessel 'NIMROD' alongside the West Pier, Ramsgate today.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018 - 15:05
Post 4724
  Sea News, Dover
The picture above was taken the day before yesterday and shows Barent Zanen in the background while in the foreground we have Afon Lligwy and Llanddwyn Island moving a fully loaded crane barge into position. The DWDR work powers on.

Below we see the fruits of not only the Barent Zanen labours, but also showing the excellent efforts of all the diggers bulldozers and Volvo trucks...and now... well we have a smooth sanded new 'island' ..

Nice collection below of night pictures Ted. Notoriously difficult to do.. but great shots there.Smiley


Wednesday, 14 March 2018 - 06:35
Post 4723
  Sea News, Dover


Detectives are carrying out enquiries after a man was reported missing from a boat in Dover.

The man in his 40s was diving in the English Channel yesterday (Monday 12 March 2018) when he failed to return to the boat. He was reported missing to Kent Police at 3.40pm and the Dover Coastguard is conducting extensive searches of the area. Officers are working with partner agencies to establish the circumstances of the incident and locate the missing diver.

Anyone with information that could assist with the enquiries is asked to call 101 quoting reference 12-0844.

* *

See also post 4721

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 - 16:48
Post 4722
  Ted Ingham, Canterbury
Following on from my photographs taken from the Ops room during the day.
Below a series taken at night.
The first one was taken on 28th May 2006 of the harbour. The Japanese cruise ship ASUKA ll can be seen on the cruise terminal.

The TRANSMANCHE ferry COTE D'ALBARTRE alongside the Eastern Arm.12th February 2009.

The reefer HORNBAY discharging alongside the DCT 12th February 2009.

A mist was beginning to roll in across the harbour which was highlighted by the sodium arch lights.I set up my camera on a tripod.The settings were ISO 80 at F6.3 and the speed was 5 seconds...hence the radar scanner looks like a giant fan.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 - 11:03
Post 4721
  Sea News, Dover

As Mike mentioned in the post below, a diver was lost yesterday off St Margarets and several lifeboats and smaller craft were searching the immediate area and further afield, aided by the Coastguard helicopter far it appears without much luck. Conditions were dismal and rough as you can see in these pictures. The pictures are obviously long range and the quality isn't ideal but you can see how difficult it is searching when the sea is like that.
Time of pictures 5pm (1700 hrs) approx.

The top pic shows the Dungeness Lifeboat almost visibly swallowed by the rough sea. That's another shot of the Lifeboat from Dungeness below. Further below we have Dover Lifeboat also out there in the search. There was a third Lifeboat but not sure which particular Lifeboat it was or from where...may have been from Walmer.

As mentioned...we understand the diver has not been found.


As you can see in those earlier welcome shots further below from Ed (4717)....
Crown Emma was in with us yesterday. The following three pictures show her initially approaching the Port in the grey but calmer conditions of yesterday morning ( 08.20 approx ). Tug Wulf 7, the tug standing in for Dauntless, was helping in the approach while Doughty waited here in the Port for the arrival. The final pic of the three below shows her here in Port. See also 4717.
UPDATE: Crown Emma left us a short while ago this morning and is now on her way to Hamburg.

So that's what became of those ferries Mike .. well I never..
Thanks for all that info and thanks to Andy for the picture Smiley

Yes indeed Del those were crackers from Ted yesterdaySmiley

If we get any further news on the diver we will let everyone know.


Tuesday, 13 March 2018 - 04:44
Post 4720
  Mike J., Dover
Remember the NORD PAS DE CALAIS ?
The former SNCF [French Railways] train ferry that finished up as a freight ferry for ‘Seafrance’ & ‘My Ferry Link’ until the closure of ‘My Ferry Link’ after which she headed south & now operates as the AL ANDALUS EXPRESS between Spain & Tangier.

The former SEAFRANCE MANET is also in service across the Gib.Straits as the POETA LOPEZ ANGLADA

A pal of mine, Andy Wood, is cruising on the NORWEGIAN SPIRIT & saw the ‘NPC’ in drydock in Gibraltar on Monday & has kindly allowed me to post this picture.

There is a strong rumour that the former NPC will return north if the proposed Ramsgate/Ostend freight service resumes - an announcement may be made in the next few months.

Tragically a diver was lost near St.Margarets Bay on Monday.
AIS showed a massive search operation involving three lifeboats, helicopters & other craft that went on well into the evening but sadly without success according to local media.
I would imagine that the search will resume in the morning.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 - 00:41
Post 4719
  Del Styan, Norwich
Wow - stunning shots from Ted - have you any more?

Monday, 12 March 2018 - 23:10
Post 4718
  Sea News, Dover
Amazing images below there Ted of the dramatic weather in the channel. Great stuff indeed ! Smiley
( don't miss those see no 4716 )
Also nice shots just below from Ed of rare visitor Crown Emma and the tug Wulf 7. Smiley

Yours truly got some of Crown Emma approaching but alas through the drizzle...
if they are any good will get them up in due course. PB.

Monday, 12 March 2018 - 14:43
Post 4717
  Ed Connell, Dover Strait
Crown Emma berthing at the DCT today with the assistance of DHB Doughty and Wulf 7. As per Mike's post, Wulf 7 is standing in for DHB Dauntless whilst the latter is away at refit. Very interesting photos from Ted, more please!

Monday, 12 March 2018 - 12:38
Post 4716
  Ted Ingham, Canterbury
One of the perks of being a Watch Officer at Dover Coastguard was enjoying the fantastic view from the Operations Room.
An ever changing scenery of shipping combined with the dramatics of the weather.
The sea and sky could change in a matter of moments.
Below we have a couple of photographs of a Front moving through. One minute glorious sunshine and then a total wipe out as low cloud and rain hammer the Coastguard Station.
And this was a 'Summers Day'.

Monday, 12 March 2018 - 11:31
Post 4715
  Sea News, Dover
Early Sunrise over the Port of Dover and the Channel.
A recent general shot above there of the Spirit of France at Dover 9...while the sun rises elegantly in the distance over the Channel. Spring gets ever closer and very welcome it will be for sure .. when it finally gets here fully that is.
Three ships under the sun. Left to right P&O's Spirit of France, the DFDS ferry Dunkerque Seaways, and in the distance another P&O looks like the Pride of Canterbury.
The roof must be sizzling hot on the Pride of Canterbury above there. Smiley You should never sail too close to the sun...SmileySmiley !!

Good to get that up-close shot of Smit Stour below there Mike...and thanks for the info on Dauntless too.Smiley


Monday, 12 March 2018 - 06:05
Post 4714
  Mike J., Dover

The DAUNTLESS left Dover Saturday morning & is now in Hull for refit.

Here’s the SMIT STOUR heading out for a spot of surveying on Sunday morning.

Sunday, 11 March 2018 - 23:11
Post 4713
  Sea News, Dover
Above we have the dazzling sun rising over one of the Spirits a few days ago. We are currently in grey rainy mode but on Thursday this was the scene first thing. you can see that the sun is sizzling more than usual...this is because it is being shimmered by the heat/fumes rising from the ships funnel. It is the proverbial ball of fire. Smiley

Barent Zanen is back in regular action now again. Right now...its still dark as I write and she is out there as we speak... lights she makes her latest delivery. These pictures below were taken yesterday saturday...

The top two there are a wee bit grey...after all it was a grey oul day ...
but below a tad later some warmer light arrived and here we are. I have added number 4 because I have just spotted that Smit Stour crept into shot.

Well done Mike below there (4711). You got a bit of scoop with that shot of the Wellington Canal section. Great pix all round from our 'inshore correspondent'Smiley

Some interesting pictures below there Ted from the olde daysSmiley

Nice shot from Ed of the Luzon Strait. Great having those pictures from the DCT. Smiley


Sunday, 11 March 2018 - 05:58
Post 4712
  Ted Ingham, Canterbury
Photographed from the Train Ferry Dock from L to R we have one of the Belgian sisters then the Invicta and finally the Maid of Kent.

An excellent day trip could be found on the ALA (ANGLETERRE-LORRAINE-ALSACE) Train Ferry TWICKENHAM FERRY.Very reasonable priced at the time and you practically had the steamer to yourself.Being steam turbine there was no vibration and you could stand on the top deck above the small garage and get an excellent opportunity to photograph all the shipping and docks.A gentle glide (depending on the weather) across the Channel to the Port of Dunkirk. Once locked in to the inner basin you could wander at will and take advantage of all ships and shipbuilding.In the 60's there were still scars of war all over the place.

Full steam ahead as we pull away from the Train Ferry Dock at Dover.

A view from the top of the garage as we head across to Dunkirk.

Saturday, 10 March 2018 - 15:12
Post 4711
  Mike J., Dover
Three of a kind [almost] - the 20 year-old German tug WULF 7 came in from Cuxhaven during Friday evening’s gloom & fog.

She'll be working as ‘refit replacement’ for DAUNTLESS & used to fly the British flag, working for Svitzer Tugs in the Bristol Channel as the DALESGARTH.

I’d not noticed Northern Rib Hire's SCIROCCO-2 before, maybe she’s recently arrived & is a ‘spare’ crewboat.

& now for something completely different - I poked the snout of my camera right up to the mesh on the walkway round the ‘Wellington Cut’ to see the ‘inside’ of the cut.
A pity that no-one was working down there, but the steps give a bit of scale.

The ‘ground-level’ view is a little less interesting, but the blue temporary bridge is visible.

Saturday, 10 March 2018 - 13:34
Post 4710
  Ed Connell, Dover Strait
Luzon Strait at the DCT today.

Saturday, 10 March 2018 - 12:13
Post 4709
  Sea News, Dover

DDC Chairman opens Cineworld at St James

The Chairman of Dover District Council, Cllr Sue Chandler, cut the ribbon to officially open Dover's new six-screen, 900 seat Cineworld cinema at the St James development yesterday lunchtime (Friday).

Cllr Chandler, accompanied by the Leader, Cllr Keith Morris, met general manager, Luke Admans, and members of the 30-strong staff.

Cllr Keith Morris, Leader, said: "I'm delighted to see Cineworld open at St James, and what a great cinema experience it offers. I'm booked for Sunday! The £53m St James development is the biggest investment in the town centre in a generation."


Not a nautical item above there but a significant moment for the area in general.
Great to see the DTIZ development moving forward at last and beginning to open up for business.

Following along from Mike's enjoyable item below re the stuck we are with some more workhorses...
Dover Beach has been having significant 're-alignment' in recent days ...along with the giant Volvo trucks featured before, there have been several diggers and that's a picture of one in commanding sand-shifting operation above there.
Another giant Volvo truck working at the gates of at the canal section leading to Wellington Dock.
And finally a shot of Morag M back here with us again at the Port of Dover. Seen above there pausing/waiting for the arrival of an approaching (out of shot) Barent Zanen.

Great to see the interesting posts below from
Mike, Ted, Vic, John, Dave.
Great stuff! Smiley


Saturday, 10 March 2018 - 06:49
Post 4708
  vic matcham, Dover
There is a story behind that big tanker when it came in ,we was doing the first refit of a ship right here the tanker was going to more up ,so the captain of ship I was working on was told .you are going to have to move out of the port to let the tanker moor up where you are now ,but it is only going to be there a few hours then you can come back in moor up again and carry on ,so we stayed on the ship and carred on working ,but it did not turn out that way because the Tanker was there 3days and the port would not let us back in to moor up anywhere ,we had no water and only some tin food to eat which was to last the 3days we were bobbing up and down off Deal and no heating Smiley so we had a fire on the deck with some wood we found to keep warm in fact we did not get back in till 4days we did not have a wash because we had no water.The good old days.the ship we was working on was a rust bucket on top of it allSmiley and she ended up going down off France and few weeks later.

Friday, 9 March 2018 - 15:36
Post 4707
  Mike J., Dover
Some wonderful pix starting to surface from Ted’s archives & some good comments on them.

When the NORISSIA was alongside for the Shell celebrations an impressive scaffolding tower was built on the Eastern Arm for access to the ship as conventional gangways would have been far too steep for the shareholders & guests when they visited - the ship was ‘riding high’ with no cargo aboard.
I heard from a ‘source in the docks’ that engineroom visits weren’t permitted as there was a flooding ‘incident’ during the Open Days . . . . .

Post 4697 - Paul’s Volvo trucks & the Watersports beach problem – those Volvos are certainly impressive machines but occasionally they can come to grief.

Back in January 2009 the Russian SINEGORSK lost a lot of her timber deck cargo in bad weather & much of it came ashore along the Kent & Sussex coast {& into Dover where there was a lot of scurrying around collecting it before it got caught up with propellors or bowthrusts - I expect there’s a few new garden sheds or decking at some DHB employee’s homes}.

A good sized wodge [technical term] came ashore at Ramsgate & the clearance involved Volvo ‘haulers’ & one came to grief trying to cross a ‘sand bridge' across a groyne.

Friday, 9 March 2018 - 12:47
Post 4706
  Dave, Now Sandwich, was Broadstairs.
I would like to say how wonderful it is to hear from Ted on here. And remembering to good days of hearing his expert and professional voice on the VHF whilst talking to him from the Ramsgate Lifeboat. He and Pat (Fairclough) were always a delight to communicate with. Unfortunately the standard at the Coastguard isn't the same as it was in those days, but that is what happens with cut backs.

All the best to you Ted.


Friday, 9 March 2018 - 11:52
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