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HUGE GROWTH IN FREIGHT FOR DFDS .. see below 2985...
DOVER TRAFFIC CHAOS...see STATEMENTS below 2913, 2911, 2924.
Protecting our borders - Charlie Elphicke MP see 2957

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Post 2992
  Sea News, Dover
Yesterday was a blazingly hot day along the South wont need me to tell you that one. Thousands took to the beach all over the country and especially along the immediate coastal areas. Enjoy, but of course be careful. Sadly there have been some recent tragedies on the water and even to those immediately adjacent to it is so vital that we remember the RNLI message..
" Respect the Water".

Top shot shows the sun going down on what may well have been the hottest day of the year. Yes indeed the picture shows the sun sinking in the distance behind Dover College. I can only see a tiny sliver of landscape looking that direction and there we are. Below....the busy Dover Beach yesterday.

Thanks for that listing below again Colette. Smiley
I see the super Costa Luminosa is due in .. wowser!...better go check the camera poste haste.Smiley


Following along from Charlie Elphicke's Calais concerns in post 2990, as promised here we are with a section of a news release from the RHA...

Calais – lives, livelihoods and the UK economy at risk warns RHA

One year on and the migrant crisis at Calais has escalated to unprecedented levels of violence and intimidation to the point where the safety of UK-bound drivers and the UK economy is at grave risk. That’s the stark warning from the Road Haulage Association.

“This is a totally unacceptable situation,” said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett. “In July last year we called for the deployment of the French military to assist the authorities in their efforts to secure the Port area but now the latest reports from Calais claim that the Police just can’t cope. Despite the partial dismantling of the camp earlier this year, current estimates claim that the number of migrants in the area has doubled in the past 12 months to 9,000.

“These people have travelled vast distances, from mainland Europe and much further afield. But regardless of their country of origin, they all have the same goal – to reach the UK by whatever means possible. And in the vast majority of cases, that means on the back of a truck. Such is their desperation to reach our shores that many fall victim to unscrupulous people-smugglers, and pay them vast sums of money for what they are told will be a ‘guaranteed’ passage across the Channel. They are told that as a result of the UK’s Brexit decision, now is the time to make the crossing. If they wait, the crossing will become impossible. The people-smugglers have no interest in the safety or welfare of those who pay for their services – they are just in it for the money.

“We have seen other serious changes in the past twelve months,” Richard Burnett continued. “When I visited Calais, most migrant action was confined to the hours of darkness. But drivers now face attacks 24/7. We are seeing migrants, in broad daylight, setting fire to trees in the middle of the road, using the flames as protection as they throw missiles – rocks, bricks, even petrol bombs – at innocent drivers. Drivers who are just trying to do their job.


Thursday, 25 August 2016 - 06:35
Post 2991
  ColetteB, Dover


Loved the photos of AIDAvita and the Seabourn Quest SmileySmiley

And now for the rest of August: Tomorrow Thursday 25th August we have the pleasure of seeing the very sophisticated Costa Luminosa, she last graced us with her presence in September 2014. Full of charm, created to dazzle and provide unforgettable moments, she has certainly earned her place as the diamond in the Costa fleet. She arrives at CT2 at 08.00am leaving at 18.00 hours, PoC. Welcome Back Smiley

On Saturday 27th August the very sleek cruise ship Artania arrives back with us for the third time this year. She is on a 14 day cruise around the British Isles finishing at Bremerhaven, CT1, PoC, 8.00am leaving at 6pm in the evening.

And now a Double Header the following day, Sunday 28th August. Pacific Princess returns to us at CT2 at 05.00 departing at 17.00 T/R and Saga Pearl ll is back at CT1, 08.00 leaving at 16.00 hours T/R.

Finally the last cruise ship for August, Wednesday 31st will be the AIDAvita on her last visit to us this season. She will cruise into CT2 at 08.00 and depart 21.00 hours PoC.

See you in September Smiley

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 - 18:27
Post 2990
  Sea News, Dover
High Summer!

The pictures above show the Southern Bay arriving through the haze yesterday from Vlissingen in the Netherlands. She has since departed in the dead of night. That's the third cargo reefer in as many days. We had the Crown Opal (2988), the Atlantic Reefer, and the Southern Bay pictured above. Busy times!


Stronger, safer borders will boost our economy and international trade, Says Charlie

The problems we have suffered with gridlock in East Kent and Dover is damaging to the national economies of both Britain and France. Last year’s Summer of disruption in Kent cost the UK economy £1 Billion. Yet the activities of people-traffickers and continued existence of the Jungle at Calais also takes a heavy toll on the economies of both nations. The regular problems at the border underline the need to see new action to promote international trade through borders that are safe and secure.

Recent events make it increasingly clear more needs to be done to counter people-trafficking, protect lorries travelling across the English Channel and the Calais Jungle needs to be cleared. The Government should seek a new agreement with France to tackle the problems, while boosting international trade across the English Channel.

Following a spate of attacks at Calais, it’s urgent to ensure that lorries have greater protection at Calais. We need to stop people breaking into Britain, and fitting lorries with anti people-trafficking devices would help do that. The Driver Buddy detection device invented by local entrepreneurs is a great example of the sort of system that will detect people hiding in the backs of lorries. The Government should be doing more to incentivise the adoption of on board smuggling detection devices like the Driver Buddy.

There needs to be a greater focus on countering the people traffickers. Our border is in Calais. So our border officers can catch people being smuggled in lorries at the UK’s Calais controls. This they do with much success. The people they catch are handed over to the French Police. Unfortunately the French Police simply release them to have another go. This has got to change. It’s important we work with France to ensure people-traffickers and people being trafficked are detained in France rather than released to have another go.

The Calais Jungle is a magnet for people-traffickers who exploit the most vulnerable. The French Police are also concerned that it is a magnet for terrorists too. The time has come for the Jungle to be cleared. This needs to be a priority for Britain and France. This way we can counter the people-traffickers and better protect the most vulnerable people who are in the Jungle and similar camps in Northern France

It’s a big worry that lorries bound for Britain have been subjected to attacks at Calais. There needs to be more protection for lorry drivers. Lorries and our international trade need to be able to pass safely through the border without let or hindrance.

We are leaving the EU. Yet our closest trading partner will always be France. It’s in the interest of Calais and Dover, France and Britain that the Jungle is cleared and the people-traffickers are defeated. That’s why there needs to be a strong agreement with France that will have stronger borders and the promotion of international trade at its heart.

Charlie Elphicke, MP for Dover and Deal.

We will have a further newsletter from the Road Hauliers Assoc to follow this in due course and all being well.

Don't miss Ed's post below on the Model Boat ExhibitionSmiley

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 - 06:31
Post 2989
  Ed Connell, Dover
Some seriously good model ships on display by the Model Boat Association Dover at the Dover Transport Museum event over the weekend.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 - 01:08
Post 2988
  Sea News, Dover
The weatherman says we are about to have some good hot summer weather in these parts for the next few days. It should be very pleasant, get out the Pimms! But just a few short days ago we had some 'orrible weather and no mistake, with raging gales and at times...driving rain. I speak of last Saturday. During all this...with ferry delays and so on, cargo ship Crown Opal tried to enter Port..

You can see her above there at one point trying to enter Port. One couldn't swear to it but it looks like this attempt was aborted, you can see the edge of the Port entrance bottom right...she turned away at the last minute to wait offshore further down the coast. Crown Opal is a new one on the top of head I think this was a first visit for Crown Opal. It was a rough oul day. She eventually got into Port and since then, in the space of a few days, Atlantic Reefer has also been in and she too has left us. Its all go!

Yes busy times for the Lifeboats Sarah....well captured below.Smiley
Yes indeed great news in the posts below about
the Rail Line, post 2986
and the DFDS freight figures, post 2985
always good to hear positive news.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 - 07:33
Post 2987
  Sarah, Ramsgate
As a train user I'm delighted to see that the line will re-open ahead of time. Smiley

Ramsgate Lifeboat was called out this evening to assist a stricken vessel.

Monday, 22 August 2016 - 23:34
Post 2986
  Sea News, Dover
Dover District Welcomes Re-Opening Of £39.8m Rail Line

Dover District Council has welcomed today’s news that the Dover to Folkestone rail line will re-open on Monday, 5 September, three months ahead of schedule. The line has been out of action since Christmas Eve 2015 following storm damage to the sea wall at Shakespeare Cliff.

Cllr Nigel Collor, portfolio holder for access, said: “We are delighted to have our rail link reinstated, and in particular, the high speed services that are so vital to local people and the regeneration and investment that we are seeing across the district.

“Thanks must go to Network Rail and their contractors for pulling out all the stops to complete this massive engineering project three months ahead of schedule, and to the Southeastern passengers for their patience over the past nine months.”

Alongside the £39.8m revamp of the Dover to Folkestone rail link, work is continuing on a replacement footbridge that will allow access to Shakespeare beach.

High speed rail services operated by Southeastern Railway call at Dover Priory, Martin Mill, Walmer, Deal and Sandwich.


Many will be gladdened by the news above. Thanks to DDC for the info.
Stunning performance stats from DFDS...see below.

Smiley thumbsup all round!

Monday, 22 August 2016 - 19:21
Post 2985
  Sea News, Dover



A 63 per cent increase in freight volumes on the Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais routes in the second quarter of 2016 has helped DFDS register a positive financial performance for the first half of the year.

The growth, which has been achieved following the introduction of two new ships on the Dover-Calais service, is the strongest recorded in the company’s history. With the introduction of the Cotes des Dunes and Cote de Flandres to the route during the spring the ferry company now offers greater flexibility, reliability and choice for its freight customers.

The business provides up to 54 daily sailings on its two routes to France and recorded record freight volumes in March 2016, carrying more than 110,000 vehicles on the Dover routes for the first time. It launched a dedicated online booking service for freight, simplifying the booking process and making it possible for operators to track shipments and view real-time departure and arrival information.

Wayne Bullen, freight sales director for DFDS on the Channel, said: “We’ve invested heavily in improving capacity and enhancing both the booking and travel experience for our freight customers on the English Channel routes. Our new Dover-Calais ships allow us to offer higher frequency and more choice for our customers and we’re delighted to see the significant volume growth achieved as a result.

“We’re also seeing the benefits of our new and improved terminal at Dunkirk. Traffic flow has been improved to allow for faster discharge and loading at the port, which helps us better utilize the ships’ capacity and ensures we keep shipments on track for our customers. This is a strong performance across both routes that reflects the hard work and customer-focused approach of the whole team here.”

Freight drivers benefit from their own dedicated services on board when travelling with DFDS, including private lounges, the Road Kings restaurant, and free shower and Wifi facilities.

DFDS provides shipping and logistics services to more than 8,000 freight customers across its 30 route network, including 11 UK routes.
For more information visit


Huge thanks to DFDS for the information coming through above. A stunning performance for sure.
Both the exciting new ships Cote des Dunes and Cote des Flandres are shown in the added pictures.


Don't miss the excellent coverage in the posts below from Sarah and Mike..Smiley

Monday, 22 August 2016 - 06:50
Post 2984
  Sarah, Ramsgate
Carrying on from my last post

Coastguard Helicopter

Smit Cerne

Dover's Y Class Boat

Monday, 22 August 2016 - 00:43
Post 2983
  Sarah, Ramsgate
Dover Lifeboat attended the Emergency Services Day on Sunday, along with Dungeness Lifeboat & the Littlestone Relief Lifeboat. Also present was the Coastguard Helicopter & Smit Cerne. A great day out which I most heartedly recommend.

The three lifeboats in action.

Dover Lifeboat

Dungeness Lifeboat

Littlestone Relief Lifeboat

Monday, 22 August 2016 - 00:38
Post 2982
  Mike J., Dover
Western Docks, Sunday morning.

Survey vessel SOLENT GUARDIAN was in the Tidal Basin.
She's featured [starred ?] in 'Sea News' a few times before.

THV ALERT was sheltering in the old Jetfoil terminal & the lifeboat returned to the Boathouse after a Sunday morning 'exercise'

Sunday, 21 August 2016 - 23:45
Post 2981
  Sea News, Dover

Some more pix above there of the splendid Seabourn Quest leaving us for the final time this year. She left us around 17.30 ( 5.30PM) yesterday evening saturday. Yes indeed as Mike says below, another one off to Dublin. And certainly a nice way of getting there for sure. I wont mention the Princess Maud again - no sir! Although hmmm, the weather was very rough for the trip yesterday. Perhaps on a nicer evening a chap could be tempted... that oul Irish sea...well ...
Hope to see the Seabourn Quest again next year.
Once again it was easy to see how well the local hotels do out of the cruise business. Good luck to them. Good news for the economy in general and for the local economy in particular.

Couple of nice shots below there Mike - well done with those.Smiley

Sunday, 21 August 2016 - 06:17
Post 2980
  Mike J., Dover
The SEABOURN QUEST sailing via Eastern 1700 before turning & heading downchannel bound for Dublin.
A windy old day today altho' nice & sunny.

About three weeks ago the CHARLIE ROCK was dumping rocks for the railway seawall works, assisted by the AFON GOCH who is still in Western Docks.

For a couple of interesting drone sequences of the rock-dumping go to YouTube & type 'DOVER BARGE MARK ADAMS' into the search box & both videos should come up at the top of the list.

Saturday, 20 August 2016 - 21:59
Post 2979
  brian, dover

Saturday, 20 August 2016 - 17:04
Post 2978
  Sea News, Dover

Whoa!! its a blustery day and no mistake. A fierce wind is whipping through from the west. The ferries are lining up trying to enter Port, the tugs are in operation trying to help, the sea is raging. Its tough out there...quite a nautical shock for the casual august tripper. Yours truly is keeping these boots on terra firma.

The pictures show the very classy Seabourn Quest arriving this morning about 06.15. Both tugs helping her into position in the strong winds. The shot below shows her a tad later, just a tad, when some watery sunlight filtered through. One of the tugs is still pinning her into this position on Cruise Terminal One.

Excellent pictures below Sarah....the weather adds to the mood in those shots.... left them enjoyably in top slot there for most of the day.
Brian yes it looks like there will be a bit of trouble for your bus. The only option the bus has, if it is to stick to its near-normal route, is to go all the way down to the Port roundabout and make its way back from there. But the traffic is often bad from there now with the roadworks, so it may not be a viable option. Good luck! PB.

Saturday, 20 August 2016 - 15:31
Post 2977
  Sarah, Ramsgate
Margate Lifeboat during a service call that resulted in it towing a boat into Ramsgate. Shame the weather wasn't good today.

Friday, 19 August 2016 - 17:53
Post 2976
  brian, dover
well if you cant turn right into snargate street thats scupperd the bus servise to aycliffe

Friday, 19 August 2016 - 15:07
Post 2975
  Sea News, Dover

Next phase of key A20 junction work to get underway

The next phase of the A20 junction improvement scheme will start in mid-September as work gets underway to replace the York Street Junction with “smart” technology traffic lights.

The A20 work is designed to improve the flow of traffic in Dover and to maximise the potential of Dover’s key regeneration projects including the Port’s Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) and Dover District Council’s St James development.

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of Dover District Council, said: “This is an important scheme for Dover and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience with the works at the Prince of Wales Junction. We’re working towards a swift completion of the works, and whilst there is still some inconvenience to come, this scheme will deliver an important link to the St James and Western Docks developments now underway.”

Whilst the first phase of improvements to the Prince of Wales and Union Street Junction has made good progress, issues with underground services have resulted in a delay in completing the first phase.

Work will now be taking place concurrently on the Prince of Wales and York Street Junctions until November – when the Prince of Wales Junction will be completed.

Extensive traffic modelling has been undertaken to evaluate the potential impacts of concurrent work on both junctions, and the results show traffic flows as coping well, including with Dover TAP (Traffic Assessment Project). Procedures are in place to monitor traffic flows and to quickly clear breakdowns.

The work at the York Street Junction is expected to last until completion of the scheme in January 2017. The traffic lights at Woolcomber Street will then be upgraded before the A20 junction improvement scheme concludes in February 2017.

Highways England Project Sponsor, Kat Saradinova said: “We are working closely with the Port of Dover to ensure any disruption to drivers and the local community is kept to a minimum. Working at both junctions will reduce any potential delays to the scheme for the 25,000 drivers that use the A20 each day.”

All partners thank the public for their patience and understanding whilst this key regeneration-enabling project is delivered for Dover.


The Saga Sapphire was with us yesterday. The picture below shows her departure...however it was taken on a previous visit as thick mist/haze scuppered the picture opportunities yesterday at departure time.

Hopefully all can see the detail in the picture re the traffic plans at top. This is as large as I can go.
Because this traffic masterplan is so relevant to both the people of Dover and the travelling public, and of course to our vital freight...
we will leave it PINNED to the top for 24 hours. PaulB.
Smiley ( now unpinned )

Friday, 19 August 2016 - 06:32
Post 2974
  Sea News, Dover
The AIDAvita languishing in the hot sunshine yesterday here in Dover...
picture taken from the blistering beach as the sail boats drift too and fro. She left late last night in the darkness in a blaze of light and under a stunning full moon. Quite a sight but unfortunately a bit too dark for pictures at range.

A couple of shots below show her arriving with us here at 06.30 yesterday.

Will have details following soon about Dover's ongoing roadwork scheme.
It has been difficultSmiley
...but, better days ahead.

Thursday, 18 August 2016 - 06:23
Post 2973
  Sea News, Dover
Following along from Ed's pictures of the Elsebeth in post are a couple more to add to the collection. Taken at the same time as Ed's but from a different angle, here she is arriving from Vlissingen in the Netherlands yesterday morning. She is still at the cargo terminal as I write....on a blisteringly hot day on Dover Seafront. First following picture taken across the rooftops as it were when she was just outside of Port, second one shows her securely in harbour. PB.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016 - 16:06
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